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Weekend Box Office For 7/16-7/18

The weekend has come and gone once again and this time we’re finally seeing something interesting.  People are speaking with their wallets this summer, to hollywood that they are tired of the retreaded remakes and sequels along with unoriginal ideas that have all infected hollywood for too long.  They spoke this weekend with their pockets going to see a movie that no one thought would pull in much money, just to show hollywood that it is time again to take risks on new original properties and stop with the remakes and retreds, to try to put something original out in the theaters.   Perhaps Hollywood will listen but my guess would be that we’re still going to see a lot of remakes and sequels over the next few years.

This weekend Inception came out to rave reviews and on top of that people actually went out and saw the movie as well and word of mouth spread to their friends saying how good the movie was.  Inception is from Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) and the speculation was that despite how good it was no one was going to go see it because it was so full of big ideas about dreams and the idea behind the film of being able to go into another person’s dreams is treated like a heist movie but at the same time it has a deeper more broad story and is probably one of the best films that Leonardo DiCaprio has done.    The movie was either going to be a hit or it was going to do so little at the theaters that it was going to be confirmed that Nolan’s only successful movies would be his batman movies.  Instead Inception showed its legs this weekend, pulling in an estimated 60.4 million for the weekend, easily taking first place.   Proving that people want original ideas and that really good ideas will always translate into good returns with people going out to the theaters to see the movie.

Coming in at second place the Steve Carell starring movie Despicable Me another original property with a really good story and some heartwarming moments managed to pull in another 32.7 million at the box office bringing its two weekend total up to 118 million which puts the movie on a good pace to pull in over 200 million at the box office.   In third place showing once again that people aren’t interested in half-baked ideas with generic characters and ideas is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice which managed to pull in 17.3 million not coming anywhere near what Disney thought it would do.   Like Prince of Persia another Bruckheimer production that came out earlier this summer Apprentice looked like a fun movie but ultimately it’s just their attempt to cash in on the whole Harry Potter thing and it failed because it looked only like half of an idea instead of a full idea.  People are tired of seeing movies like this and they are tired of seeing Bruckheimer’s ideas translated to the big screen, maybe Disney will get that now and step back from just making every movie the man and his production company brings to them.   After all they have two failed movies at the box office this summer.

In fourth Twilight: Eclipse managed to bring in another 13.5 million bringing its total closer to 300 million. Twilight is a big property for Summit Entertainment and they only have one more movie (its being split into two parts) before the saga is over, which is actually a good thing because they don’t have to worry about people getting tired of it before the final film comes out.   They have actually been really smart putting these movies out one year apart from one another before the trend of vampires wears on people and they are no longer interested.  In at fifth Toy Story 3 managed another 11.7 million bringing its five weekend total 362 million nearly 400 million which it will reach before the summer is over.

Rounding out the top ten in at number six was Grown Ups the Adam Sandler family comedy has done surprisingly well and was entertaining to all but critics of course.   Grown Ups after this weekend has managed to pull in 129 million making almost twice as much as its budget.  At number seven The Last Airbender which has crossed the 100 million mark but its been out for three weekends now and still hasn’t made back its budget.  It will make it back before leaving theaters but just barely.   I don’t think we’ll be getting a sequel even if M Night seems to think he’ll be making two more.   In at number eight was Predators the Adrien Brody starring film was really good with a tight script and quick-moving pace, it was enjoyable and I quite liked it and hope for a sequel.  It managed to pull in another 6 million this weekend bringing its two weekend total up to 40 million which means its made its budget back already.  In at nine Knight and Day which stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, came in with another 3.7 million, the movie has no hope of being a success and word is out that Tom Cruise’s next big movie Mission Impossible IV will be re-written to bring in a younger hot star that he will be mentoring.   At number 10 The Karate Kid which will be getting a sequel in a few years there is no doubt as the movie has managed to pull in 170 million at the box office during its run.

Next Week is a hard one to call, two new movies come out: Ramona and Beezus about two sisters and the movie does look like family fun although its hard to say how well its going to do.   It does star Selma Gomez who is a hot tween property right now so I know that will help attract an audience to see the movie.   Also coming out is the Angelina Jolie movie Salt personally I don’t see this movie tracking very well, it does look interesting but I barely was even aware it was coming out and I love watching movies and their trailers.  I have only seen trailers for this film on-line and in a few television spots, I have never seen a trailer for it in theaters, not a good sign.  Here is how I think the weekend will stack up:

  1. Inception- 40 to 50 million (word of mouth is going to help this movie immensely)
  2. Ramona and Beezus– 30 to 40 million ( never underestimate the power of kids.)
  3. Despicable Me– 20 to 30 million (see above)
  4. Salt- maybe close to 20 million
  5. Sorcerer’s Apprentice– 15 million or less.

Let me know what you think by taking this fun poll:

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