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Weekend Box Office Report July 30-Aug 1

August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

The weekend was full of little surprises, as I said last week it was a weekend where either Dinner for Schmucks would pull up with a win somewhere between 30 and 40 or Inception would pull in with the same amount.   Dinner didn’t quite pull in thirty but it did pull in almost twenty-five million, so lets look at the week and see how things went.

Not too surprisingly but in its third weekend of release Inception has once again dominated the box office though it wasn’t a run away success that it was in its first two weeks of release.   Inception has proven for the third weekend in a row that people want something fresh and different at the box office.   The success story that is Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece which no one thought would do much at the box office has managed to prove this fact pulling in another 27.5 million bringing its three weekend total up to nearly 200 million.    In at second place the new release Dinner for Schmucks starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd managed to pull in 23 million (it might pull in a little more or less with final estimates if it’s a big change I will update this).   The comedy did really well for its first weekend coming in at second place.

In third this week the Angelina Jolie starring movie Salt managed to get some positive buzz and stay in the top three with another 19.2 million, the film about a government agent who is accused of being a spy will end up reaching close to its budget but probably not much more than that.   In at fourth place Despicable Me continues to have a strong showing, and Steve Carell does indeed have two movies in the top five this week, but probably only for this week.   The family film has been one of the strongest family movies of the summer only falling behind Toy Story 3 in that department, when its finished at the box office I think it has a real chance of pulling in more than Shrek and that’s impressive which is why I think Universal has already greenlit a sequel to the film.

In fifth, and surprising me Cat’s and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore managed to pull in 12.5 million, does anyone else beside me think that this is because the movie was primarily released and promoted in 3-D and thus the tickets cost more.   Every week that goes by Toy Story 3 gets less and less 3-d screens and that is so that new 3-d movies like Cats and Dogs can take those screens.   The movie if it had been released in 2-d only would probably have managed just barely to pull in 6 or 8 million…so once again thanks to 3-d it managed a stronger showing.   In at sixth the romantic drama Charlie St. Cloud came out with 12.1 million, the movie stars the heart-throb Zach Efron and this is probably the thing that has attracted young women and girls to go see the movie and help it have such a strong opening for its first weekend.

Rounding out the top ten we come to Toy Story 3 which added another 5 million to it’s already staggering total bringing it up to 389.6 million which brings it ever closer to 400 million at the box office which it will manage to do in a few more weekends if not sooner.   In at number eight this weekend was Grown Ups which has finally started to fade away and will be out of the top ten next weekend though it did managed to pull in another 4.5 million and has now made a 150 million at the box office.   AT number nine The Sorcerer’s Apprentice continues to fade it has just barely made 50 million at the box office and is still missing another 100 million to make back its budget, that’s not going to happen.  At number ten and closing out the top ten was Twilight Saga: Eclipse the movie faded almost as quickly as Sorcerer’s Apprentice but it managed before its fade to bring in nearly 300 million at the box office.

Next Week will be interesting to see what happens, it’s really all touch and go at this point.  Can Inception pull off a four weekend in a row dominance or will people be going to the theater to see something else?   The past weekend was a comedy release weekend along with some family films, this coming up weekend we will see another big comedy coming out The Other Guys stars Mark Whalberg and Will Farrell as two cops who are envious of the other cops, the more famous and well put together cops.    It’s a comedy that looks to have some really funny moments in it, but its hard to say if it will really pull in a lot of money or not.  The other new wide release Step Up 3-D is coming out as well, does anyone really think this movie will make any money at all?   I am betting it won’t really make a dent, but I’ve been wrong before.   Here is how I think the top five will round out:

  1. The Other Guys-25 to 30 million
  2. Inception- 15 to 20 million
  3. Dinner for Schmucks– 10 to 15 million
  4. Step Up 3-D– 5 to 10 million
  5. Salt– 5 to 10 million

What I want to know is who do you think will dominate this weekend?  Do you think people are going to go out in droves to see the new Step up movie?   Let me know: