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Lie to Me Season 2- Ep. 12

Sweet Sixteen

Boston Seven years ago is where the episode begins this week. Someone tries to execute a man in the backseat of a car but instead manages to kill  his wife and daughter by the man grabbing the gun to stop him. Now seven years later…with a car explosion outside of the Lightman Group building.  Loker was close enough to the blast that he got hit some.    After the explosion one of the assistants comes in and gives Cal a disk that was given to her for him right before the explosion.

Someone named Doyle is back and he just killed a man named Andrews and he’s coming for Lightman next.   We flash back again to seven years when Lightman and Foster meet for the first time when she’s working for the government in the pentagon to evaluate those that work with the pentagon.     Turns out that Lightman and Foster’s sessions were recorded back in the past but they don’t want to talk with Loker or Torres about the past and what happened.

Cal is worried about his daughter, about the danger that this man Doyle represents to her life and he will do what it takes to protect her.  Meanwhile Foster is keeping something a secret either that or she has suspicions about who is doing what they are doing.   It was revealed that seven years ago Lightman was somehow involved in what happened to Doyle’s family when they were shot and he blames all of those involved for what happened.   Doyle claims that he didn’t plant a bomb in Andrew’s car.

Cal and Doyle have a talk about who could have possibly done it and Doyle wants Cal to figure out who is responsible.  Cal agrees because he wants to help Doyle find those that killed his wife and daughter not because Doyle threatened to kill him, looks like its going to be an interesting episode and game of cat and mouse.  And Lightman left the office without his phone before we go back to seven years earlier again.

Turns out that Cal thought that Doyle had something planed to ruin the peace somehow and he told someone in the pentagon about his read which got someone else in the pentagon involved who no doubt decided it would be easier just to take Doyle out and they tried but instead it got the wife and daughter killed and the man Doyle is now on the run.  Cal feels guilty for doing this of course, he feels as if he is to blame for it despite the fact that he was just doing his job to help maintain the safety of America from terrorists.

Loker finds out about what is going on because he hacks into Foster’s system and she talks with Loker about what happened, about how LIghtman wanted to go public on a botched hit.   Andrews sent Lightman to see Foster because of this reason and Lightman didn’t reveal the truth which means that is why he is now seeking to do so.    Two men beat up Lightman after giving him the disks and he tries to see their faces, they tell him to bring them Doyle or he’s next.

Lightman brings Doyle back to the building which is a very strange move but I think I know what he’s trying to do to bring down those that are involved.  In the past Foster was keeping something from Lightman and he leaves quickly from their first meeting because the message she is giving him is loud and clear.    Cal has Foster ask Doyle about Andrews which comes to an interesting headway.   They go to the house of the lawyer and there is another bomb set up as they try to go in it goes off.  So it’s becoming more and more obvious that Doyle really did not kill Andrews.

Cal goes to the press conference boldly to find out who might be responsible for the bombs and things go crazy after Lightman bursts up saying that they were lying.  It’s a bold and really good move.   They turn the private interview around so that they can find out who was hiding things and the main man they are targeting is a man named Richard who was also working with Andrews.    They bring in a phone with Jimmy Doyle on it to say that he’s at Richard Prosser’s house with his wife.     They basically set the man Richard Prosser up so that he would reveal what really happened.   He was working with a man named Finch which is a code name who is the one that they were really looking for.

They set up a meeting with him and it turns out that Finch is in fact the very same cab driver that killed Doyle’s wife and daughter seven years earlier.    In the end it ends up being one of the best episodes of the season and shows how Lightman and Foster met for the first time to help close out things and open up new paths for the characters on the show.


“Apparently my job here depends on my meeting with you. So did they tell you all about me then? Did they also tell you why they sent me, so that you could officially, diagnose me as broken in the head?”  -Lightman to Foster upon first meeting her.

“Loker, you know, I’m sorry about what you just went through, but right now I need a moment with my daughter.  After that I’ll figure out how I’m going to use you guys on this, that’s how it works.  So end of conversation alright?”  “That was a conversation?”  -Cal and Loker.

“Do you have a friend that you can stay with for a day or two?”  “Can it be a boy?”  -Cal and Emily.

“You’re no innocent Lightman.”  “Not by any stretch of the imagination.”  -Doyle and Lightman


Cal worked in Counter-terrorism at one point for the pentagon seven years ago that’s how he met Foster.

-Cal was responsible with other men in the pentagon getting a man named Doyle’s family killed and this helped make Cal the kind of man he is now.

-Foster came to work for Cal after working in the pentagon.

Overall:  A+

A very good episode, probably one of the best of the show’s two year so far run.    The show is all about these characters who reveal the lies that people tell and we’re finally finding out more about the back stories of each of them.  Lightman has had a really involved life and it’s really cool that we’re exploring it more this season.   See you next week!


Lie to Me Season 2-Ep. 11

Beat the Devil

and we’re back with an all new episode of Lie to Me.

This weeks episode starts with a mysterious car and a guy digging a hole with a kidnapped girl in the back of his car.    Then we move back to Lightman and Foster at Oxford where they are going into his former teacher’s classroom to talk with the students about lying and how it really works.    A student challenges Lightman to see if the student can tell if he’s lying or not.     Lightman actually has trouble reading the guy that sits before him, and the student is impossible for Lightman to read, which is really impressive because Lightman can usually read anyone and usually he can read them pretty quickly.    Lightman instantly thinks he’s a psychopath or a killer which isn’t too surprising as he stated back a few episodes ago that psycopaths are the only people you can’t usually read until you get to really know them.

Now Lightman needs to try to find a way to prove to everyone else that Martin is in fact really a psychopath.  Turns out that a sophomore girl went missing at the college and LIghtman believes the boy Martin is responsible.

At the same time Torres and Loker are interviewing a school teacher who claims he saw a UFO.   The school teacher is played by none other than Howard Hesseman (you might know him from the tv series Head of the Class where he played a teacher as well).   I love that they are working at trying to prove that this teacher Sam Hendricks really did see a UFO.     It seems as Sam has a history of doing or seeing strange things.    Their job is to prove that he did see something even if it wasn’t a spaceship with little green men in it.

Reynolds is with Lightman out at where Martin is and the two of them are watching him.  Lightman and Reynolds get caught by Martin who comes over and talks with them and Martin is obviously playing with them, this is going to be a good episode I can already tell, we’re only just now getting warmed up.

We come back and Martin is going into the Lightman Group, where he talks with Lightman.   Martin is played by Jason Dohring who I really enjoyed in the short-lived Moonlight series.   Martin is playing a game with Lightman and he claims that he is going to lose the game, that Martin is going to win this time.   Lightman does enjoy these kind of games, he does like playing with those that are lying and trying ot find out.

Lightman goes back to the school and starts posting signs and talking with Helen who he used to be with and Helen and Foster talk about Lightman and how he is.       Torres and Loker bring in a lot of students and interview them and one of them named Andre either saw something or told everyone about Mr. Hickson which the teleplay says is Mr. Hendricks, but whatever.    The student Andre saw it as wel and took a video of it.   So Loker decides its time to put it on the television.

Lightman and Foster go to Martin’s house and talk with his mom.   Martin comes in with the flyer that Lightman was putting up everywhere and the mom wants them to go and after Lightman says something they leave though Martin looks at his mom strangely as she apologizes for not knowing who they are.   Martin’s sister Lucy drowned in a pool when she was seven and Martin was definitely not a happy child just by looking at the video…..I don’t know about you but I’m thinking right now that Lucy was murdered by her little brother.

Now Martin is stalking the other workers at Lightman Group, or at least Torres, so that’s how this is going to play out.  It is painfully obvious now that Martin is not who he appears to be at all, but he’s playing it good as well.  Oh and he also has a van that this girl from the other college could have escaped from at the beginning of the episode.    Martin tells Torres that if Lightman was right about him then she’d already be dead….they are leaving us all wondering now.

Foster shows a picture of Martin to Valerie who turns away from it perhaps proving that he did attack her,  even Reynolds is now believing Lightman that this guy might be a psycho killer.   Apparently Martin has a thing for drowning girls over and over again probably somehow related to his sister’s death.     It appears as if Martin’s MO is to pick on the weak and helpless not on just any kind of girl.   He’s with Helen because she’s a strong woman, probably a substitute for someone, either his mother or perhaps his big sister?  Or she’s part of his cover as a normal person.

They go back and talk with Martin’s mother, Cal and Helen and his mother reveals the truth of Martin and what he did after they talk with her for a while to figure her out.    Sam Hickson comes in to talk with Torres to help her out which is great because this was what Howard Hesseman did so well on Head of the Class.       A Col. Gorman with the army comes in to speak with Sam and it turns out that they are asking them to do a cover up over the fact that they have no idea what was in the air that night.

What is the whole “your work is important” thing that Helen was doing and the entire time Cal was in the office listening and Helen along with Cal and I imagine Reynolds are gong to wait and see what Martin does after she “breaks it off” with Martin.  Lightman is actually the one that Martin was going for, and he’s been drowning him and brings him out to a field where he has Lightman dig his own grave.  The police come in and take Martin down.

Loker and Torres save the teacher’s career and still they are wondering what the UFO was, what it could possibly be.   They found four bodies of course, Martin was a psychopath and Cal saw it as we all knew that he would… we wait for next week.


“Helen’s already crossed it.  One shouldn’t shag one’s students, especially not the psychopathic ones.”  -Lightman to Foster regarding Martin and Helen his college professor.

“The overall gestalt of the thing was, uh…was like a hockey puck or a jelly doughnut.”   -The teacher discribing the ufo he saw I thought it was funny so I put it in.

“Then there was the 3AM comet gazing workshop you held on the roof of a gentleman’s Lounge.”  “It was a strip club, but it had the best view.”   -Torres and Sam Hendricks  this line cracked me up so I had to put it here.

“I’ll recycle.”  -Lightman

“You owe me 200 bucks you bastard!”  -Lightman to the psycho Martin


good ironic casting with Sam Hendricks (played by Howard Hesseman)

-Cal was involved with his former college professor Helen while in school.

-The government is covering up something over the skies i doubt we’ll ever know what it was lol!

-It is a slow build but they are working towards a Cal Lightman and Gillian Foster getting together I think.

Bones Season 1-Episode 3

A Boy in a Tree

Booth, Brennan, and Zack go to a private school on the outskirts of the city where a body was found upon the grounds of.    Both Brennan and Zack know the latin on the sign but I like Booth’s response about it more.   The remains are up in a tree hung by a noose and fall to the ground seconds later, the headmaster and everyone else involved with the school want the body taken down as soon as possible with no regard for finding out what happened and why.     The boy had a Cochlear implant which is used for hearing when you are deaf and has a unique serial number for reasons just like this probably.

Booth keeps interrupting Brennan while she is trying to tell him that it might not be a suicide and after he gets off of the phone Booth demands knowing who is all at the school teachers, staff, and students.  Once again Agent Santana wants them to find out what really happened and he wants them to solve it now because a lot of important people want it shoved away as suicide.   They push Bones into a corner to declare that it is a homicide even though she doesn’t have enough evidence yet to say conclusively that it is.

Nester was supposed to be going with a friend to Nova Scotia and yet he ended up hanging from a tree.   Zack is still bothered by what he did right or wrong with Naomi and basically Hodgins suggests that he talk with Angela.  The psychologist is saying that Nester could have killed himself because he was depressed and lonely.    The school is very adamant that it was a suicide almost to the point that it appears as if they are hiding something and of course they are.     They introduce Sid and his restaurant officially in this episode but it goes away pretty quickly replaced by a diner which fits the show better.

Bones interviews the roommate and as I am watching this I remember what happened in this episode but I’ll keep watching so I can tell you exactly what is happening.   The roommate, Tucker lied for his friend and sent out an email so that he could help his friend cover his own lie.   Now it is possible for sure that Nester could have killed himself, the mother Ambassador Olivos comes and shows a video of her and Nester when the boy gets his implant for the first time to show to Bones that her son would not take his own life.

Booth tells Bones to stay there and she runs ahead of him and stops the guy and then Booth stops him a swell when he still doesn’t go down.   The man is security at the embassy to prove that someone could get in and kill her son.     They take a look Nester’s things and find a DVD that has something o it, namely Nester Olivios was with a girl.    The sextapes are common and the students swap them with one another all the time.    The girl’s name is  Camden and she has no idea that she was being video taped (or did she dun dun dun!)

There is a tape with Melody, Camden’s mother who is sleeping with Nester’s roommate Tucker and his parents are claiming that he was raped which he wasn’t, the point being that him and Nester both were going to blackmail the mother over the tape and Tucker still believes that Nester killed himself.      Brennan finds a way that the hyoid could be cracked by suicide and Booth is made because she says that it could be a suicide and he wants to believe still that it was murder but Bones still isn’t sure even though she doesn’t want to believe it is suicide.   If the facts point to it she has to go with the facts not with her gut.

There is a scene with Nester and Camden and Camden rolls her eyes for the camera knowing that she was being filmed the entire time it turns out.   Booth and Brennan both talk with Camden and Tucker again and it comes out that Camden and Tucker planed on Blackmailing the mother and also using Nester.   Camden believes that Nester committed suicide because she broke his heart.  In the end Booth and Bones say that she killed him and they have proof and it turns out that her and Tucker did it together, they killed Nester and made it look like a suicide.

At the close Hodgins gets a real meal that he doesn’t select himself.   Zack gets advice from Angela and she tells him to go to Naomi and tell her that he doesn’t know anything about love-making and she will teach him for sure.   Booth doesn’t like everyone else coming to his place but the are all there, at least for now they have a place with a regular patron.  I am still not sure why they got rid of Sid and his place as no one really explained it….it just went away after the first season.

We close on Booth getting his own access pass into the Jeffersonian.


“She said, ‘take a hint’ but when I asked, ‘what hint?’ Naomi said if she told me what hint, then it wouldn’t be a hint anymore-it would be a statement.”  -Zack really has trouble relating to the opposite sex in any form or capacity especially if he likes the girl.

“I’m going to need an evidence bag.”  Body falls to ground following head, “I’m going to need a bigger bag.”  -Bones.

“You have no idea how open my mind is.”  -Angela.

“So uh what part of this is mine did you not understand?” -Booth to Bones when she sits beside him.


-Angela and Hodgins are both already enjoying being murder investigators and want new cases, this is why these characters stay together on the show they all love their work.

-I like how Booth doesn’t quite know Zack’s name and calls him Jack instead.

-“Don’t call me bones.”  It’s hard to say when exactly she stopped caring that he called her Bones.

Overall  A

This episode was a deeper one than the one before it, dealing with Booth and his problems with private school and also with the squints themselves.   Brennan also starts in this episode to learn how to relate to other people, to actually sympathize with them on some level though she is no where near where she is by season five.    The best episodes are the ones where the cases work with what is happening to the characters as well, the two working around one another and this is one of this episodes.   Enjoyable from beginning to end.

Bones Season 1-Episode 2

The Man in the SUV

An Arabian man with scars all over his face in an SUV drives crazy and as he parks his car explodes starting an all new episode of Bones.  The mystery is what was this man doing and why did he have these scars on his face.

A man named Masruk was in the SUV and he worked for the white house and was also a member of the Arab Friendship league.  The question is was he a terrorist or was someone else involved.    The wife of course is instant that it is not her husband and the brother has the same strange marks on his face though not as obvious, it all points to a clue about what is really going on.    The agent from Homeland security wants to know everything that is going on while they try to figure out what happened and who the man was.

Hamid apparently had Lupus, at least that is what they say.  Brennan will only work with Booth because she doesn’t know how to break to the wife and she also didn’t want to give it to Agent Gibson because she doesn’t entirely trust someone who she hasn’t worked with before.  Turns out that Masruk had a bomb planted under his car by someone else and he was set up by someone.   Was Masruk’s wife having an affair a lot of evidence was pointing that way for sure if you are one who can read humans and what they do and for what reasons.

Hamid Masruk’s brother Farid converted to christianity at some point when they came over to the Americas, and he knew that the wife was having an affair as well as the wife.  This is where we meet another man named Ali Ladjavardi, who was the one having an affair with the wife.     Homeland security planted Ali Ladjavardi into the Friendship league to find potential terrorists.   Thus Agent Santana takes the man away from questioning because he was working for them and he checks out as in he wouldn’t have done something like this.

The start of Hodgins and Zach working on re-building things and doing experiments is in this episode, and also their competition with one another regarding who is the king of the lab a recurring thing between the two of them over the course of the seasons of the show.  Angela goes and meets with Booth’s current girlfriend Tessa to size up the competition for Brennan.   I had forgotten during the first season that Angela was trying to get Booth and Bones together.    This was one of the first realizations that Booth and Bones belonged together but after five seasons they are still not together, perhaps in the following season we will see something.

The Masruk brothers were poisoned by Dioxin.   It turns out that they were slowly being poisoned.  Again we see the strange holograph machine that is only used in the first season of the show.   It’s a little unbelievable and I am glad that they dropped it once the show officially became a hit.    Bones is one tough woman and she will do what she has to do in order to get her answers especially if she’s sure that the person won’t say anything about her to someone else.    The wife is guilty as far as Booth can tell but there are a lot of holes in the theory.

The bomb was made in Woodley park and that leads to Farid who was making the bomb of course his brother found out that he was making it and Farid put the bomb under his brother’s car to kill him so that he could keep his.   It looks like Farid is going to blow up a peace conference.    Booth and Bones start looking for Farid and find him as they are up on the floor above him, Booth doesn’t want to fire until he see’s a face and Bones makes the man look so that Booth can shoot before he explodes the bomb and kills a bunch of innocent people.

Like all episodes of Bones this one ends with the afterwards, not just with the solving of the case.     Usually these moments involve Booth and Brennan sitting together talking about what happened.   Over the course of the show more of the main characters begin to come to these little after the case meetings though sometimes its still just Booth and Bones.    In the end Bones goes back to work as Booth goes back to his girlfriend who will be one of many over the course of the series.


“I think he likes you, if I were you I’d buy a ticket on that ride.” -Angela discussing Booth to Brennan.

“I think she’s having an affair….personally.” -Booth to Bones regarding Masruk’s wife

“You can always count on the dead.” -Bones

“Fanaticisim and Logic don’t go hand in hand.”  -Booth


-the Flesh Eating beetles cleaning the bones is a pretty cool scene and is actually something that is done for real if one was trying to study the bones.

-Brennan doesn’t get out much and socialize in this season.

-Looking back at season one really makes you want Zach back on the show.

-Booth is dating a woman named Tessa who only lasts a few episodes.

-Bones knows the traditions of burials for muslims probably for a lot of other cultures as well, it would be a part of her job to know.

-I love that Angela is so curious about Booth’s life outside of work and she’s doing it because she believes that Brennan has a thing for Booth.

-Apparently beetles are sautéed in peanut oil in thailand…remind me not to go there for vacation!

Overall Rating:  B

One of the weaker episodes of the first season, though it was interesting and it did help cement the characters more the episode ultimately was a little too heavy on Terrorists and a little predictable as well, and one thing was off why did Hamid have Dixon poisoning if he wasn’t involved in the making of the bombs, he didn’t live with his brother after all!!   Oh well, over all a good episode.

My Lost Kind-of-Live Last Episode and Specials Blog well

(Semi live…i had to start watching late 😦   miss spellings will be fixed later!!!)

-We pick up the final ever episode of Lost looking at an Oceanic airplane at LA-X.  finale

-What do the flash sideways mean this is the only thing I want an answer to at this point.

-I like the parralelles between the flash sideways world and the other world at the beginning of the episode.

-he’s worse than yoda..regarding Jacob so true, he doesn’t give you anything and if he does it leads to thousands of other questions!

-Hurly just shot Charlie with a tranquilizer gun! Sweetly Awesome!

-Ooooooh Walking music is back!  I love the walking music…every time they walk from one place to another on the island it plays and it so dramatic!

-Sawyer just punched Ben…man ben gets beat up a lot.

-Dog…Desmond was rescued by Rose and Bernard…I missed them its nice to see them back again even if it is only for one last time and Vincent is with them too!

-Evil Locke arrives (sorry to all of you out there that call him Flocke I think its a stupid name) and takes Desmond from his refuge.

-Evil Locke wants to destroy the island, he’s obsessed with doing so and getting off and Ben has got a radio….and Richard is alive of course because he has something important for this final episode.

-what is so important about this concert.

-No one is ever really dead in lost…Sun and Jin are both still alive and in the hospital….and JULIET is a doctor at the hospital!!!!!! YES!!

-Why exactly are they remembering things that happened in the Other world in the Flash-Sideways world I am not really sure on hopefully this is answerd…it has to be answered!!!

-Now Jin and Sun are speaking english!!!!!  Man these flash-sideways are confusing.

-A Trailer for Inception…I want to see this movie!

-It just occurred to me the four people on Jack’s side including Jack himself are all the four candidates that Jacob wanted back in season 3, I wonder if that was on purpose?

-Richard has a gray hair…he’s aging now!

Lepidus is still alive!!! (that’s the pilot)   does smokey really need a plane to leave?  My thinking…nope!

-Kate starts shooting at Evil Locke, because he killed them.   Evil Locke and Jack have a face off about what they’re doing on the island.   Jack says he’s going to kill Evil Locke and its a surprise!

-:O Juliet is Jack’s ex-wife!!!!  I am not surprised….and Sawyer just walked right past her while going to Sun’s room!

-Desmond is a weapon…wtf?  Should be interesting if proven right.   Things sure happening quickly for a 2 and half hour finale.  Something bad is about to happen I think.

-so the flash-sideways really is another life where those that were Lost have a second chance to live their lives or something like that.  It’s what I thought it was or close to it anyway.

-Sayid and Hurley are good friends and in the flash-sideways world he’s trying to show Sayid that he is a good guy.   Just then two guys beating each other up come out and one of them is Shannon….and when she sees Sayid he remembers just as she does about their past lives together….I am finally getting it…..the flash-sideways are the lives they should have had!

-BOONE!!!!  I’m loving him on Vampire Diaries btw.        Great small cameo from him..they really are bringing all of the final characters back together.

-Claire comes out of the forest with a gun.   Richard manages to convince her that they are leaving and she can go with them but she doesn’t want to…Claire is strange for sure.  She needs Charlie.

-Jack has taken Locke’s place as a man of Faith after all of these seasons his character has come full circle from a man who believed that science explained everythig and who believed in nothing into a man who believed in something and has faith on top of  his science.  Oh and in this world Locke is dead…Evil Locke is a bastard!

-Claire is short..i never realized how short she was!   Charlotte is there, and she’s waking up Charlie who is going to see claire of which I have no doubt….and then there he is….Daniel himself.

-So many people that we’ve known in the other world are here…and instead of depressed or lost or without purpose they all have that here in the flash-sideways world.      Charlie see’s Claire and its just like what happend with Sayid and Shannon.

-Is Kate going to help her deliver Aaron again?  Yeah i bet so.

-man there is a lot of water down where Desmond is.   He steps into it and pulls out a rock until the light goes dead…huh?   And it looks like Jack was wrong….or was he…because Evil Locke can be hurt now!!  He’s mortal again ahhhh ha!

-I now know how Claire and Kate are going to remember who they were….by Kate helping her give birth to her child.

-Desmond says once htey remember they are leaving…where are they leaving too exactly??  Interesting.

-Charlie is there as he was last time as well….its almost exactly the same only it’s at a different place…and we know whats coming because it’s happened for everyone else as well….they are remembering who they were in the other life.

-who is Kate supposed to be with…i really hope sawyer and Juliette are going to be together.

-Ben just saved Hugo’s life….its amazing how much he’s changed as well…and lets face it we just lost another person perhaps.

-Locke and jack face off 2.0  I love the fade to break bunch LOL!

-The island is falling apart around them as Evil Locke stabs Jack and pushes him away.   There’s Kate shooting Evil Locke in the back I think I know the answer now…she belongs with Jack.    Evil Locke is pushed off the side and he’s dead….just like that.

-Back in the alternate world Locke’s operation is done and Jack is there with him….is it time to remember for the two most important characters in the show?  The man of science and the man of faith?

-Where is Katey Segal?????  Locke is remembering…Jack still doesn’t remember, he’s only seeing flashes that are confusing him because he’s a man of science not faith.

-now that evil Locke is dead the sun is back on the island….why?   THey got Ben out from under the tree…but they still need to get off the freakin’ island before it collapses under them!

-Is it time for Sawyer to remember?  All he needs to do is bump into Juliette.

-Ben is gong with Jack back to the center of the island and so is Hurley but Kate is going so that she can get Claire on the plane and to her baby.   They just answered it for me…it is Jack and Kate as I always thought it should be…maybe I’m wrong still LOL who knows!!!

-Miles: “I don’t believe in a lot of things but i do believe in duct tape!”  LOL So TRUE!

-Sawyer sees Juliette…and they touch and remember their other lives….it all comes rushing back to them and they of course are going to join the rest for whatever it is they are doing…maybe its sailing off into the sunset?  Wouldn’t that be nice!!!!  Too bad this is LOST and not HAPPY ENDING!

-Now all that is left is for Jack to meet Kate again.  I love how Kate looks at Jack and how he can’t remember her, but of course she has her memory back.    He doesn’t get what is happening and he won’t let it happen because he believes in science in the flash-sideways world whereas he is a man of faith in the Lost world.

-Jack wants Hurley to protect the island…because Jack knows what he has to do.

-Jack need something out of to take some water for Hurley to drink..and now Hurley is like Jack and Jacob…and perhaps like what Richard was as well.

-As they lower Jack, the plane prepares to take off and its going to be a test of Jack’s resolve to do what he has to do to save the island.   HOw were they going to do this in 2 hours?

-Kate convinces Claire to go with them on the plane…are they going to make it!  Ahk I don’t know!!!

-Now Jack’s got to plug a hole wounded and dying just like Locke had to turn a wheel in the same condition….i think the writers like torturing the main characters.

-And now about half of the remaining alive cast in Lost world are on a plane again….surprise surprise!  Uh I hope the plane has enough gas to get them home!

-The water flows again…Jack did what had to be done to save the island.

-Locke arrives at a church somewhere in a taxi only hours after surgery and Ben is there as well.

-The Flash-sideways are not flash-sideways…i don’t have the answer yet….but its the afterlife is my guess or something like that…I better find out before it ends damn it!!!

-Hurley asks Ben to help him, showing that Ben’s character has changed significantly over the course of the show.

-I was right….i’ve thougth so for about six episodes now…and I was right….the flashsideways were never flash sideways they were the after life..and Jack did give his life for the island.

-In the end it was a show about the characters not the island or its mysteries…and they went with their strong suit the characters and gave us a huge blow out ending about these characters and who they were and what htey meant to us….i couldn’t ask for a better ending to a show really….the mysteries….i don’t give a damn about them in the end all i care about is the characters.

-The show ends with Jack’s eye closing much as it began with his eye opening..all in all a good closing to six years one of the better series finales I have seen.

A lot of people are going to bitch and complain because it answered no questions at all really other than what the flash-sideways were (everyone’s after lives which explain why they were so happy and content) but to me it was what all of the best episodes of the show was: about the characters and who they are and what they mean to one another.    WE got the answers wanted and closure of a sort.    Perhaps more answers will come in another spin-off one day or something…I’d like to know how Hurley and Ben run the island for instance.  Perhaps one day.

Sometime this summer or fall I plan on doing a comprehensive review of the entire series and what i think it all meant…till then that’s enough LOST.

Bones Season 5-Episode 22

May 21, 2010 1 comment

The Beginning in the End

(Season 5 Finale)

A boy is jumping on a bed and it’s snowing, although it’s not good snow at all and then the ceiling collapses and there is a dead body on top of it all as well.   Turns out the man up in the apartment above was a hoarder and they’re going to try to figure out what happened to him.   Bones meanwhile is fascinated with a dig site in another country about ancient bones and its pretty obvious that she wants to go over there and see whats going on.   We all know from last week that she is getting tired of murder after what happened with the Gravedigger case.

Ah Sweet’s fiancée is back this week, Daisy.  I like Daisy she’s so chipper most of the time and does her job really well also.  She’s also been accepted to go to the Maluku Islands which is somewhere that Bones herself wanted to go and she is really depressed now that Daisy is going where she’s not going and she’s always wanted to go.

Its becoming obvious right away that Brennan wants to go to the islands and study the history of humanity.  Meanwhile turns out that the Rangers want Booth to come back and train men for his country.   I could have sworn that working in the FBI was working for your country?   Sweets actually goes out in the field again to see the apartment in person and figure out why the man might have been killed.   Angela’s father shows up this week as well, which I love because her father is one of the members of ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons himself!

It’s becoming obvious that both Booth and Bones are going to be moving on by the end of this episode, perhaps to a different direction for the following season, either that or time off during the summer break.    It’s also obvious that Brennan wants to go to the Maluku islands and I think perhaps that Booth wants to work for the military training others to take down insurgents.    This episode is not about the murder that much, its more about what is going on with Booth and Bones and their feelings of wanting to do something else.

Booth spends time with Conner, I like Conner he’s aware of things now, more grown up which isn’t surprising when you’ve seen five season of the show.   Daisy is trying to convince Sweets who is her fiancée to go with her to the islands, I’m not sure how he’s going to feel about it, or even if he’s going to go, it’s for a full year.    Is Bones going to pick up a year after this season next season?

Billy Gibbons has come to ask Hodgins for a favor.   Turns out that Tim the man who died was an accountant who started becoming a hoarder and was also agoraphobic as well and he was offered 50 thousand dollars for something and Brennan discovered that the man starved to death after he was hacked up.   Brennan was also offered to head up the Maluku dig.     Sweeets agrees to help Hodgins get Billy Gibbons car back because he’s “Mr. Adventure” he’s already thinking about going to Maluku.

THey use a modeling program from Angela to help determine what in the house was changed before the collapse.  Bones and Booth go and talk with one another.  Both agree that they are going to go do what they need to do, for bones that is going to Maluku and for Booth its going back to the army to help train troops in Afghanistan.  It’s obvious that Caroline doesn’t want either Booth or Bones to go but she’s not going to try to stop them.

Hodgins and Sweets go to get the car, this has to be one of the funniest sequences ever filmed for the series.  Especially when Sweets starts meowing at the dogs.   Then Hodgins gets in the car with Gibbons and they drive away in the car which I loved, that was a great sequence of light funny stuff compared to the rest of the episode dealing with Bones and Booth both going off to do other things beside working for the FBI and Jeffersonian.    If this was the final season it would be a horrible series finale but as a season finale its a good one.

In the end Elaine killed Tim on accident and Hodgins and Angela decide to go to Paris for a year.   This summer is going to be painful.  Daisy and Sweets basically break up and Camille says goodbye to Bones which I hope doesn’t mean that she’s leaving the show or something, but a year is a long time and they are playing it like they are going to be gone for a year.


“Maybe we all value things that are essintially worthless.”  -Bones

“(shrieks) That wasn’t a scream. That was a yelp. It’s pefectly understandable.   This is a…crime scene, so technically no one should be here.”  -Hodgins to Gibbons when he appears out of nowhere.

“I’m so turned on by her brain I’d like to see her brain naked.”  “that’s so disturbing.” -Hodgins and Sweets.

“Mr Adventure is here ready to kick some biker ass.”  “Please don’t explain.”  -Sweets and Camille


Brennan wants to take a step back and examine her life, take a rest, and she has a feeling that Booth does as well…I’m seeing season finale cliff-hanger here!

-they are breaking bones and Booth apart for a year after all over the summer break, this is good for change and it might help the show with something next season..but its going to make waiting a whole summer break hard to weather..good thing I’ve got reviews to write!

-The look between Booth and Bones at the end of the episode was wonderful.

Overall: B+

Not one of the best episodes of the season  but it does leave a lot open for what can happen in the next season of the show.   Will Daisy be back? Will Booth and Bones be able to reconnect with one another?  How do these people still have jobs??!!! LOL just kidding on that last part.   Keep up dated with me on the first four seasons of the show….I’ll be reviewing them and the first 20 episodes of season 5 as well over the summer!

Bones Season 1-Episode 1


-Let me get this out of the way first off, Bones is my favorite show hands down on television now that Lost is finished. I love the interaction between Bones and Booth-

The Pilot episode of Bones is like most pilot episodes, it’s designed to introduce you to the characters of the show, and this one does that really well, starting with Angela, whom I loved from the first moment that i saw her, when she whips her shirt apart and flashes her under garments in order to get the guy behind the counter’s attention, and then of course we meet Temperance (Bones) Brennan herself.   Immediately Brennan is introduced as someone who doesn’t take anything from anyone, including a guy from homeland security.

She is held for illegally transporting human remains, and this is how we meet Special Agent Seeley Booth.   The casting is spot on with this Bones is played by Emily Deschanel who is cute just like her sister and also Agent Booth is played by Dvaid Boreanaz who was the best thing in Buffy and Angel.   It turns out that Booth and Bones already have a history with one another, and it shows in how they talk to one another, apparently in the past Bones never got full participation and she always wanted it and now she’s going to get it before she will work with Booth again.

We meet Zack Addy at the site, who is Brennan’s assistant.  I love Zack, he is one of those guys who is so smart he is just out of touch with the world around him.   It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the show,but even in this first episode the characters were well established, it felt as if Bones and Booth had a history with one another, it felt as if their characters breathed in the real world and we were going to discover how they worked as the series went along.     Over the years the music has changed, gotten less shocking but the cases have gotten better.  The first episode deals with a young woman who was weighted down and was a tennis player which Bones can tell by the wear on her wrist.

We meet Jack Hodgins next, who is the scientist that is also the bug guy who helps determine death.   Hodgins is also a conspiracy nut which I love, he believes in conspiracy and sometimes this leads to some hilarious stuff later in the seasons.    Have I bothered to mention yet that Emily Deschanel is beautiful??  OKay I won’t mention it again in this episode review!

Bones wakes up in her house and is ready to defend herself within a matter of seconds, but it turns out to be an ex-boyfriend named Peter who was coming to get his television which is when we finally learn that Temperance Brennan was adopted.    We see Angela’s computer program which thankfully in later episodes even of the first season this machine gets changed to look more realistic and Angela does stuff more with drawing things and this is better than the first episodes representation which was a little too scifi-ish.

Turns out the girl in the water was a girl who had an affair with a senator.  Her name is Cleo and she was murdered so the only question is who killed her and why?    There are two possible people who could have killed her, the senator and his assistant who was her boyfriend, and then there is the strange stalker guy as well who is possible.   I like that Booth wants to tell the parents before telling anyone else, or even questioning the three guys that might be responsible.    I like how Bones always tries to analyze things to the people they are talking to and Booth is always the sensitive one.

It turns out that Cleo was pregnant with a baby the only question is was it the Senator’s baby or someone else’s?  Hodgins is convinced that the investigation is going to end because the senator has so much clout that he’s going to get it covered up, Hodgins is usually wrong about these cover up things.  We also learn that Bones and Angela are best friends and they know one another really well, though they probably hadn’t been friends for very long before this episode began since Brennan seems to have a problem opening up to people and really showing her true side.

I love how Bones takes the gum from the trash canister that the Senator throws the gum into.  She went to the senator all on her own to get the DNA.  It funny that the FBI doesn’t want Brennan out in the field after this and well she ends up out in the field for the next five plus seasons of the show!   Brennan and Booth go to see the stalker to find out if he might be the one who killed Cleo.   Turns out the stalker claims to be Cleo’s friend and that he loved her and never would hurt her.  He comes off as less than authentic.

Bones points out to Booth that he’s afraid of the senator and that he doesn’t believe the man is capable of murder, she basically challenges him to prove to her that he’s a man and a cop and that he’s not afraid.    Booth got a warrant to search the senator’s place and wants to bring Bones with him, I think because he believes she can do the job.    They found the hammer but no crime scene and no physical evidence.   Bones figures out something and runs off to Ken Thompson’s place without Booth to stop him from destroying evidence and she even breaks into his house to stop him.     She pulls a gun and even shoots him, which leads to the conclusion where Bones finally figures out why he did what he did though not the reason why he did it.

Both Bones and Booth tell one another at least one small truth about the other.  In the end Booth wants to catch bad guys to make up for what he did as a sniper and Bones wants to help because of her own reasons.    It’s a great beginning to the first season of Bones.


“Look I’m sorry if I embarrassed you in front of your friends, but next time you should identify yourself before attacking me.”  -That’s Bones all the way.

“If you drive one more block I’m screaming kidnapped out of the window.”  -Bones to Booth

“Is it paranoia that Monica Lewinsky was a KGB trained sex agent mole?” -Hodgins always good for a laugh

“You expect me to declare war on a United States senator..based on your little holographic crystal ball?” -This is one of the reasons why I think the hologram thing went away it didn’t seem real.

“Stalk me Oliver and I will kick your ass!” -Brennan


WE learn that Booth and Bones have a history with one another, we won’t learn till season 5 just how this relationship really stated.

-Bones History:  both parents disappeared when she was 15, and her brother abandoned her as well.

-Booth was a Ranger Sniper for the military and is now a FBI Agent.

-Instant even in the first episode…attraction between Bones and Booth.

-Wow you can tell that scene at the end at the funeral is on a blue/green screen.