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Happy Town Episode 3

Polly Wants a Crack at Her

Dave and Tommy end up going out to where Jerry Friddle said the bodies were buried, turns out that there are no bodies buried out there and we pick up with Henley after her car crash where she meets a mysterious new man, named Aidan.    The Stiviletto brothers also want to file a complaint against T.C. over what he did in the last episode because of what T.C. thought they did to Georgia.

The Thaw Fest is still getting underway as Rachel and Emma Conway meet Merritt Grieves.   I like Merritt because he loves Cinema and movies and everything involving around them.  I do not believe that he is the Magic Man, it’s too obvious pushing him out as being the Magic Man.   Its hard at this time to say who the Magic Man is, but I know that we’ll eventually get our answers as to who the Magic Man is.     A strange Hawk is hanging around the episode for some reason.  Special Agent Dan Farmer continues the investigation into who killed Friddle revealing how it was done and that a man with enough force could have shoved the railroad spike through his head with a hammer.   It’s obvious that Farmer wants to solve the case, but if he is the Magic Man then he wants to solve it to find out who is looking for him.

Aidan brought Henley to a vet instead of a real hospital, which is mildly funny.   Andrew Haplin uses the fact that his car was destroyed to go and try to beat up Georgia’s father but instead he gets taken down by the man who is a much more dangerous man than I thought he would be.   We know why Andrew did this, he did it because he believes that Carl Bravin (Georgia’s father).    Brain is brought into the police station no doubt because he was reported on by one of the other kids or even Andrew himself.

Dan quickly finds out about the tires by doing a mold of them and its been sent out so that they can find out which cars might have tires like that and they can start inspecting them.   Rachel and Emma visit Merritt’s cinema shop which is full of wonderful cinema things from the past.   Georgia talks with Rachel over the phone and by talking with her she basically reveals to her that she is dating Andrew though she doesn’t come right out and say it.   Hobbs believes that Greggy (the Stiviletto brother who is in jail) is getting his brothers to seek his revenge for him by filing charges against T.C.

Carl believes that he saw the Magic Man once and he wore a blue top hat and limped with glowing eyes, all of this sounds like Carl was high on something that night.    More than likely Carl never saw anyone that night or any other night that could have been the magic man.  Aidan convinces Henley that he will take her back to Haplin and it appears as if the two of them might be getting to know one another a lot better…yeah uhh it definitely does…they pretty much do it!

T.C. talks with Andrew at the Haplin house to try to figure out what happened.   Turns out of course that Carl didn’t smash the car up because he was sleeping according to Georgia.  Also turns out that Aidan is hiding something, he’s got a gun with him and he’s doing everything he can to distract her I think.   Andrew’s grandmother knows the truth about what happened and she sees a future for Andrew and she wants him to keep his options open as she knows about Georgia and actually in a way approves but not fully.    There is something going on with Peggy Haplin (the grandmother) that goes beyond what we already know.   She is perhaps along with Henley and Merritt one of the most interesting characters in the show.

Despite everything Tommy still is protecting Dave and doesn’t want him to go to jail.   I can understand where this is coming from the two of them grew up together, even so he doesn’t want Dave hanging around his house.    The mysterious Aidan parks with Henley in front of the house she is staying at, and the older women in that house know the man she is in the car with, I wonder if we’re going to find out the history behind him as well.    Tommy goes back to where the car was totalled and finds some things realizing the truth of what his wife told him, he goes back to Andrew.

The Stiviletto’s drop their charges and Georgia shows up at the police station so Dan makes a quick exit at the end because he doesn’t want him to see her.   Georgia and Andrew had it out at the end of the episode over what really happened and its obvious that the two of them really do care for one another and do want to be together.    I like how at the end Rachel taps the book and thinks that the magic will work.   Henley is still talking with someone on the phone and looking through her bag for the item she aqiuire dand its missing, Aidan of course took it and the reveal is that Aidan is actually Aidan Gregory Stiviletto, the last of the Stiviletto brothers.

At the end of the episode Emma comes up to her dad and the two of them go searching for Rachel who has gone missing….the conclusion of course is that she was taken by the Magic Man….or was it Aidan Stiviletto…or was it Merritt Grieves?   Who is the Magic Man, I guess we’ll find out in June when the show returns.

In the end we learn that the mystery man Aidan is in fact Greggy the fifth and smartest Stiviletto brother.    Did Aidan steal the item that Henley needed?   Or did someone else?    Merritt, what is he hiding?  Same goes for Dan Farmer?


“By himself all four of you?”  “He caught us off guards!”  -Hobbs and the Stiviletto brothers.

“Well this is like fishing for trout and reeling in a rolls-royce.  I’ll tell you what Andrew, next time you see your stinkin dad…tell him Carl Bravin sends his hosannas.”   -I just thought it was cool way to introduce an a$$hole character.

“Hmm who chopped off their hand and made you king?” -John Haplin to Tommy


Who is Aidan and where did he come from.

-Carl Bravin looks more dangerous than he was hinted at being.

-They are really pushing Merritt as the Magic Man, he does a magic trick with a book and then gives the book to Emma.

-53rd??  Why not pick an even number?


Happy Town Episode 2

I came to Haplin for the Waters

Last week we were left with Sheriff Conroy going crazy in his office speaking of the Magic Man while he took an axe to his own hand, and at the same time Henley started up the stairs to the second floor, this week we dig deeper into the world of Happy Town….

We start with the arrival of Sheriff Conroy at the ER, the hand is pretty gruesome I like that, I know that some people don’t but I like this kind of thing.    Tommy watches as his father’s wedding ring falls to the ground in the ER as his father is taken into the operating room.   After this the show picks up the next morning so we’re not going to get any answers as to what she saw up in that room on the third floor right away apparently.   Georgia and her boyfriend are still keeping their relationship a secret because he’s a wuss ….what a surprise.

Ah the room to the third floor was locked, so Henley couldn’t get in and find out what was in the room, but she does get a surprise that next morning!   I still think Mrs. Meadows is hiding something, but I can’t figure out what it is until we see into that damn third floor room!   We know Henley is hiding the real reason why she came to Haplin, could it possibly be that she really does know how to make candles?  I’d like to see that a whole episode about her making candles…umm I’m just kidding.

Big Dave is a good friend of T.C. (Tommy) and he was also Jerry for many seasons on ER.   Who is Chloe, people keep asking this question and no one will answer it, but Mrs. Haplin, wants to see Tommy perhaps she will have answers as to who Chloe is or even who the Magic Man is?   So the Haplin mansion is called the Weeping Wall, there has to be a history behind that doesn’t there?   It is a very strange name for a mansion but then again it’s looking more and more as I watch this show that there is a lot more going on than just the Magic Man.

Man oh man does Hobbs not like that T.C. was put in charge, you can see it on his face instantly, but T.C. leaves Hobbs in charge of the Friddle case.   Immediately after Mrs. Meadows comes into the house and leaves her keys Henley takes the key and makes a copy of it and the more I see of things going on the more I know that Merritt is aware of what she’s doing and he’s even helping her to get into that room, if he’s not the Magic Man (I don’t believe he is still) then he’s definitely up to something.  In the meantime at least he played interference for Henley, if she’s aware of it she doesn’t show it…but if I was her I wouldn’t trust Merritt.

At the town meeting T.C. ends up being the shortest sheriff ever in the history of Haplin, but of course Mrs. Haplin lies and doesn’t really appoint Hobbs, she speaks before the people and appoints T.C. anyway despite him not wanting to take the job, as I was thinking she’s up to something…so is everyone else in Haplin that isn’t Tommy Conroy and his family appears to have some kind of a secret so far.   I love that as he quotes Jaws his wife smiles and his best friend Big Dave chuckles slightly.

Georgia meets a strange man sitting at the waiting tables in the hospital where she went to visit Griffin, as she leaves there is something about the man who doesn’t have a name yet, something almost menacing about the way he looks at her as she leaves.   Something strange happens to Georgia in the hospital room as she’s talking with the Sheriff, and as she starts down the hall the Magic Man follows her walking all slow like as she runs with strange things happening around her.   Georgia wakes up in a room with guys talking, it’s the Stiviletto brothers and I don’t think they have nice plans for Georgia at all judging by her scream right before the break.

So did Mrs. Haplin pick T.C. to run things because she was pretty sure he wouldn’t do anything to press the issues of what happened that night on the lake to Friddle?   T.C. goes to the Stivilettos after Georgia tells him what happend, there isn’t really anyway to know if they actually raped her or not because she doesn’t really remember it, she was drugged and it wasn’t by the Stivilettos, it was by the Magic Man I am pretty sure.    T.C. does a pretty good job beating the bastards up..>I have no respect for rapists or even attempted rapists.

The flour on Jerry Friddle’s body wasn’t from the bread factory but from Big Dave’s pizza shop.   T.C. goes over to his friend’s house to inspect things for himself down in the basement to make sure that Big Dave didn’t kill Jerry Friddle which I seriously doubt that he did.   In the basement T.C. uncovers Big Dave’s secret, walls of articles and other such things dealing with the Magic Man…and just then of course Big Dave comes into the room.

Big Dave believes that Friddle was the magic man, and he took him down with a railroad spike which leads right to him being the killer of Jerry Friddle.  I am actually pretty surprised that it was Big Dave that killed Jerry Friddle, and at the same time he found out where the bodies were.    Henley again at the end of the second episode attempts to go up the stairs and into the locked room.   She walks into a room filled with….birds?   Why would there be birds up on the third floor and why would they want to keep people out of a room filled with birds?   A hidden place under the floorboards reveals a hammer in a case and then everything goes quiet.

Maybe I was wrong before about Georgia’s boyfriend Andrew Haplin isn’t such a bad guy after all, he wants to protect Georgia, maybe he has redeeming qualities after all….someone walks into the Sheriff’s office at the end…and as T.C. looks up at him…its the man from earlier the Magic Man perhaps?…now he has a name: Dan Farmer and he’s from the state police.   The episode ends on a lonely stretch of highway…Henley in a car she just bought and a bird crashing through the window and then flying away.

Until next Wednesday…..


“You be sure to let him know if he ever needs a hand…” -one of the Stiviletto brothers…I think it was Womper.

“Umm as Mrs. Haplin..uh referred to it…now would be a good time for an old soul to scratch his nails across teh chalkboard and claim that he can catch the…the head…the tail…and the whole damn fish” -T.C. quoting Quint from the classic Jaws great horror film!

“Hello..Georgia. Are you okay?  Would you like some Tapioca?” -Baby Boy to Georgia….I put this one in there because it was so strange.

“The Serpent always hisses where the sweet bird sings, Chloe” -Griffin Conroy

“Well you can’t heal a wound Tommy until you clean it out!”  -Big Dave


-Why does Chloe have a tattoo of the Magic Man question mark with a halo over it on her back shoulder? I can’t believe I forgot to mention this last week!

-Mrs. Haplin is hiding something, but what is she hiding?  Why does she want a Conroy to be in charge of the Sheriff department?

-I’ve always wondered in shows like this…the wife and the husband are out…the usual babysitter isn’t watching the daughter either…so who the hell is watching the daughter????

Overall: A-

The first episode was a little slow building but this one started the real mystery working, who is the Magic Man, is he perhaps now working with the police?    What is T.C. going to do about Big Dave and his secret about Friddle and that he did it?   Who is Henley/Chloe, we still have no clue really and I don’t think the answers are coming any time soon.  Overall I am enjoying this series, the mystery is becoming more interesting….I’ll be back next week.

Happy Town Episode 1

This Home  On Ice

A parked car, two teens, the story begins with a secret meeting between these two teens in the car and one says goodnight to the other as they drive off.   Seems innocent enough till we see the cabin on the lake and flash inside of it to the man within.   A mystery often starts off with the unknown and this one is no exception.    We don’t know who these two people are but we know that the clues they are giving us here are going to lead somewhere.    Only thing here that bothered me was it seemed a little unrealistic that he would whisper when they were alone in the cabin with one another out on the ice and no one around for miles.

Spike to the head and Happy Town begins….

A train arrives with Crosby Stills and Nash playing and we meet a strange girl named Henley who has just arrived at Haplin.  Henley meets the realtor that got her a place to live in Haplin and agrees to take her out there.  Turns out that Henley has returned to Haplin because of her mom.

We meet Tommy and Rachel Conroy next, Rachel is played by Amy Acker of Angel and Dollhouse fame I really enjoyed seeing her in this show playing a mother instead, a character very different from the ones that she’s played in the past.   Their daughter is cast really well and they really do seem to resemble a true family, which is good because we’re going to be getting to know them over the season.

Henley comes off instantly to me as a little well “off” but I want to like her despite that, it’s just strange she would be showing up at the same time someone is brutally murdered.   On her drive to the place she will be staying we see a strange sign, a question mark with a halo on top of it, the symbol of the magic man.   We meet Georgia for real this time, who turns out to be Emma Conroy’s babysitter and well-known by the family.

Despite Tommy’s day off he’s called in by his dad and we all know why.   M.C. Gainey plays Tommy’s dad Griffin who is also the Sherriff of Haplin.   If you don’t know who M.C. Gainey is then you haven’t been watching Lost all of these seasons, he played Mr. Friendly.    There is a little demonstration downtown about a banner of missing people who all disappeared around the same time years ago and the Sheriff wants it down because he knows it will just cause problems with the people around town.

The Sheriff and his son arrive at the ice fishing cabin to find a man with a hole in his head from where the spike was driven into it and the Vis Major has arrived apparently.    Henley is moving into a house with widowed older women and a strange man named Mr. Grieves.  The third floor of the house is strictly off-limits it’s the one rule that she has to obey and it’s not a joke.

“A well man doesn’t put a hole in another man’s head.”  No kidding Sheriff but its hard to say who could have done it in such a small town isn’t it?  Other than perhaps the Magic Man?    The state police are sending out a man and the men are not exactly happy about this development.     We move on to John Haplin and his wife while he’s working at the bread factory.  Their daughter went missing years ago and the mother is having a hard time letting go and her husband John just wants her to let go.

Side note:  I have always enjoyed Steve Weber ever since his days on Wings and was happy to see him in this movie.

As he gets off the phone Tommy arrives with another officer to talk with Donna Friddle and let her know that her husband was murdered.  Her actions are instant and understandable but I am surprised that the cops would just walk u to her in the middle of the factory and tell her what happened instead of pulling her off somewhere in private.   This seems a little unrealistic as I have never actually seen a police officer do such a thing.

Donna leads them to other players, the Stiviletto brothers who were always tormenting her husband.  As she is being interviewed it appears as if Sheriff Griffin Conroy goes back in time, he suddenly starts talking once again about someone named Chloe and its obvious that everyone else in the room is disturbed by what he is saying and they don’t really understand who he is talking about.   He comes out of it and they go to talk with the Stiviletto brothers.   They instantly come off as unlikable.

Henley leads us to Merritt Grieves (Sam Neil)art gallery.  I love Sam Neil he always manages to add a mystery to any character that he plays even characters on television shows.  His character is one of the most mysterious on the show which is why I don’t believe there is any chance that he is really the Mystery Man but I could be wrong.   Merritt talks of a Blue Door and a movie about a Blue Door but I have not been able to find any real life example so I am thinking that this was made up as part of the plot for Happy Town.

We finally get the history of the Magic Man, and how people went vanishing for 12 years in a row once a year and it ended five years ago without any more disappearances happening.  The Sheriff and Merritt have an encounter that adds even more to the fact that they seem to be trying to push us towards Merritt Grieves being the Magic Man himself and that’s another reason why I don’t believe it!   Although if he does turn out to be I won’t be shocked because they did make it very obvious for a mystery show!

I can understand Tommy wanting to protect his daughter from death and what death is but I don’t think he’s doing her any good, she’s old enough to understand death and what it means and I like Rachel’s point that she needs to not be shielded to a point that she’s crippled.    THen a call comes and his dad has gone crazy speaking about Chloe again and at the same time Henley starts up the stairs when everyone else is asleep to see the mystery on the third floor and her name…her real name is….Chloe!  As Henley walks up the stairs and opens the door Griffin lifts an axe and cuts off his own hand as they break down the glass on the door.


“Just remember the inevitably of the Vis Major.”

“The what?”

“The vis major, it’s a latin term.  It means the natural  and unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the natural course of events. ”  -Sheriff Griffin to his son Tommy.    Mr. Friendly always did have a way with words even on Lost and he continues the trend here on Happy Town as well.

“I love you so much…sometimes I don’t even know what day it is.”  -Andrew Haplin with the worst and most corny line of them all which right away should point to the fact that he doesn’t really love her he’s just infatuated with Georgia because she’s good-looking and also because he knows that his dad would never let him date her…she’s forbidden which is the only reason why he likes being with her I think….its not real love and she’s going to get hurt.

“In this town if you pay attention to folks who isn’t necessarily your friends, well then, you gotta be “magic man” material, don’t ya?” -Donna Friddle on her husband’s death and the magic man.

“Did you realize that the glow from her mouth was the silvery moon?” -Sheriff Conroy (man M.C. Gainey has got some great lines in this episode.

“Why do they call him the Magic Man?”

“Because he had the ability to make people disappear so completely that it boarded on the mystical.”  -Henley and Merrit talking about the Magic Man.

“Since I moved here the back of my balls would test positive for high traces of backing flower!”  -Hobbs

Tidbits and Questions:

-Chloe who is she, what does she have to do with the history of Haplin and the Mystery Man?

-Why is it that Georgia (who appears to be a smart and well-adjusted girl) would be dating a guy like Andrew Haplin who to me seems to be a real asshole in every since of the word which is pretty much just like his dad.

-Is Merritt Grieves the Magic Man?  They sure do want us to think that he is don’t they?

-Why do I get the feeling that Mrs. Klapman is controlling the widows for some reason and keeping them quiet about things and doesn’t let them laugh or have fun for a reason, one that we aren’t going to like at all?

Rating: B+

The episode does a lot of things right to start off the series.   It is a strong opening story with a good introduction to the characters but for a show that is supposed to about the mystery of the Magic Man there is too much glaring right on Merritt Grieves.   Did he do something to Griffin when he handed him back his wedding ring that caused him to lose his mind and chop off his own hand and why is he so interested in Henley/Chloe?   I will be watching and I say you should be watching too!