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Lie to Me Season 2- Ep. 12

Sweet Sixteen

Boston Seven years ago is where the episode begins this week. Someone tries to execute a man in the backseat of a car but instead manages to kill  his wife and daughter by the man grabbing the gun to stop him. Now seven years later…with a car explosion outside of the Lightman Group building.  Loker was close enough to the blast that he got hit some.    After the explosion one of the assistants comes in and gives Cal a disk that was given to her for him right before the explosion.

Someone named Doyle is back and he just killed a man named Andrews and he’s coming for Lightman next.   We flash back again to seven years when Lightman and Foster meet for the first time when she’s working for the government in the pentagon to evaluate those that work with the pentagon.     Turns out that Lightman and Foster’s sessions were recorded back in the past but they don’t want to talk with Loker or Torres about the past and what happened.

Cal is worried about his daughter, about the danger that this man Doyle represents to her life and he will do what it takes to protect her.  Meanwhile Foster is keeping something a secret either that or she has suspicions about who is doing what they are doing.   It was revealed that seven years ago Lightman was somehow involved in what happened to Doyle’s family when they were shot and he blames all of those involved for what happened.   Doyle claims that he didn’t plant a bomb in Andrew’s car.

Cal and Doyle have a talk about who could have possibly done it and Doyle wants Cal to figure out who is responsible.  Cal agrees because he wants to help Doyle find those that killed his wife and daughter not because Doyle threatened to kill him, looks like its going to be an interesting episode and game of cat and mouse.  And Lightman left the office without his phone before we go back to seven years earlier again.

Turns out that Cal thought that Doyle had something planed to ruin the peace somehow and he told someone in the pentagon about his read which got someone else in the pentagon involved who no doubt decided it would be easier just to take Doyle out and they tried but instead it got the wife and daughter killed and the man Doyle is now on the run.  Cal feels guilty for doing this of course, he feels as if he is to blame for it despite the fact that he was just doing his job to help maintain the safety of America from terrorists.

Loker finds out about what is going on because he hacks into Foster’s system and she talks with Loker about what happened, about how LIghtman wanted to go public on a botched hit.   Andrews sent Lightman to see Foster because of this reason and Lightman didn’t reveal the truth which means that is why he is now seeking to do so.    Two men beat up Lightman after giving him the disks and he tries to see their faces, they tell him to bring them Doyle or he’s next.

Lightman brings Doyle back to the building which is a very strange move but I think I know what he’s trying to do to bring down those that are involved.  In the past Foster was keeping something from Lightman and he leaves quickly from their first meeting because the message she is giving him is loud and clear.    Cal has Foster ask Doyle about Andrews which comes to an interesting headway.   They go to the house of the lawyer and there is another bomb set up as they try to go in it goes off.  So it’s becoming more and more obvious that Doyle really did not kill Andrews.

Cal goes to the press conference boldly to find out who might be responsible for the bombs and things go crazy after Lightman bursts up saying that they were lying.  It’s a bold and really good move.   They turn the private interview around so that they can find out who was hiding things and the main man they are targeting is a man named Richard who was also working with Andrews.    They bring in a phone with Jimmy Doyle on it to say that he’s at Richard Prosser’s house with his wife.     They basically set the man Richard Prosser up so that he would reveal what really happened.   He was working with a man named Finch which is a code name who is the one that they were really looking for.

They set up a meeting with him and it turns out that Finch is in fact the very same cab driver that killed Doyle’s wife and daughter seven years earlier.    In the end it ends up being one of the best episodes of the season and shows how Lightman and Foster met for the first time to help close out things and open up new paths for the characters on the show.


“Apparently my job here depends on my meeting with you. So did they tell you all about me then? Did they also tell you why they sent me, so that you could officially, diagnose me as broken in the head?”  -Lightman to Foster upon first meeting her.

“Loker, you know, I’m sorry about what you just went through, but right now I need a moment with my daughter.  After that I’ll figure out how I’m going to use you guys on this, that’s how it works.  So end of conversation alright?”  “That was a conversation?”  -Cal and Loker.

“Do you have a friend that you can stay with for a day or two?”  “Can it be a boy?”  -Cal and Emily.

“You’re no innocent Lightman.”  “Not by any stretch of the imagination.”  -Doyle and Lightman


Cal worked in Counter-terrorism at one point for the pentagon seven years ago that’s how he met Foster.

-Cal was responsible with other men in the pentagon getting a man named Doyle’s family killed and this helped make Cal the kind of man he is now.

-Foster came to work for Cal after working in the pentagon.

Overall:  A+

A very good episode, probably one of the best of the show’s two year so far run.    The show is all about these characters who reveal the lies that people tell and we’re finally finding out more about the back stories of each of them.  Lightman has had a really involved life and it’s really cool that we’re exploring it more this season.   See you next week!


Lie to Me Season 2-Ep. 11

Beat the Devil

and we’re back with an all new episode of Lie to Me.

This weeks episode starts with a mysterious car and a guy digging a hole with a kidnapped girl in the back of his car.    Then we move back to Lightman and Foster at Oxford where they are going into his former teacher’s classroom to talk with the students about lying and how it really works.    A student challenges Lightman to see if the student can tell if he’s lying or not.     Lightman actually has trouble reading the guy that sits before him, and the student is impossible for Lightman to read, which is really impressive because Lightman can usually read anyone and usually he can read them pretty quickly.    Lightman instantly thinks he’s a psychopath or a killer which isn’t too surprising as he stated back a few episodes ago that psycopaths are the only people you can’t usually read until you get to really know them.

Now Lightman needs to try to find a way to prove to everyone else that Martin is in fact really a psychopath.  Turns out that a sophomore girl went missing at the college and LIghtman believes the boy Martin is responsible.

At the same time Torres and Loker are interviewing a school teacher who claims he saw a UFO.   The school teacher is played by none other than Howard Hesseman (you might know him from the tv series Head of the Class where he played a teacher as well).   I love that they are working at trying to prove that this teacher Sam Hendricks really did see a UFO.     It seems as Sam has a history of doing or seeing strange things.    Their job is to prove that he did see something even if it wasn’t a spaceship with little green men in it.

Reynolds is with Lightman out at where Martin is and the two of them are watching him.  Lightman and Reynolds get caught by Martin who comes over and talks with them and Martin is obviously playing with them, this is going to be a good episode I can already tell, we’re only just now getting warmed up.

We come back and Martin is going into the Lightman Group, where he talks with Lightman.   Martin is played by Jason Dohring who I really enjoyed in the short-lived Moonlight series.   Martin is playing a game with Lightman and he claims that he is going to lose the game, that Martin is going to win this time.   Lightman does enjoy these kind of games, he does like playing with those that are lying and trying ot find out.

Lightman goes back to the school and starts posting signs and talking with Helen who he used to be with and Helen and Foster talk about Lightman and how he is.       Torres and Loker bring in a lot of students and interview them and one of them named Andre either saw something or told everyone about Mr. Hickson which the teleplay says is Mr. Hendricks, but whatever.    The student Andre saw it as wel and took a video of it.   So Loker decides its time to put it on the television.

Lightman and Foster go to Martin’s house and talk with his mom.   Martin comes in with the flyer that Lightman was putting up everywhere and the mom wants them to go and after Lightman says something they leave though Martin looks at his mom strangely as she apologizes for not knowing who they are.   Martin’s sister Lucy drowned in a pool when she was seven and Martin was definitely not a happy child just by looking at the video…..I don’t know about you but I’m thinking right now that Lucy was murdered by her little brother.

Now Martin is stalking the other workers at Lightman Group, or at least Torres, so that’s how this is going to play out.  It is painfully obvious now that Martin is not who he appears to be at all, but he’s playing it good as well.  Oh and he also has a van that this girl from the other college could have escaped from at the beginning of the episode.    Martin tells Torres that if Lightman was right about him then she’d already be dead….they are leaving us all wondering now.

Foster shows a picture of Martin to Valerie who turns away from it perhaps proving that he did attack her,  even Reynolds is now believing Lightman that this guy might be a psycho killer.   Apparently Martin has a thing for drowning girls over and over again probably somehow related to his sister’s death.     It appears as if Martin’s MO is to pick on the weak and helpless not on just any kind of girl.   He’s with Helen because she’s a strong woman, probably a substitute for someone, either his mother or perhaps his big sister?  Or she’s part of his cover as a normal person.

They go back and talk with Martin’s mother, Cal and Helen and his mother reveals the truth of Martin and what he did after they talk with her for a while to figure her out.    Sam Hickson comes in to talk with Torres to help her out which is great because this was what Howard Hesseman did so well on Head of the Class.       A Col. Gorman with the army comes in to speak with Sam and it turns out that they are asking them to do a cover up over the fact that they have no idea what was in the air that night.

What is the whole “your work is important” thing that Helen was doing and the entire time Cal was in the office listening and Helen along with Cal and I imagine Reynolds are gong to wait and see what Martin does after she “breaks it off” with Martin.  Lightman is actually the one that Martin was going for, and he’s been drowning him and brings him out to a field where he has Lightman dig his own grave.  The police come in and take Martin down.

Loker and Torres save the teacher’s career and still they are wondering what the UFO was, what it could possibly be.   They found four bodies of course, Martin was a psychopath and Cal saw it as we all knew that he would… we wait for next week.


“Helen’s already crossed it.  One shouldn’t shag one’s students, especially not the psychopathic ones.”  -Lightman to Foster regarding Martin and Helen his college professor.

“The overall gestalt of the thing was, uh…was like a hockey puck or a jelly doughnut.”   -The teacher discribing the ufo he saw I thought it was funny so I put it in.

“Then there was the 3AM comet gazing workshop you held on the roof of a gentleman’s Lounge.”  “It was a strip club, but it had the best view.”   -Torres and Sam Hendricks  this line cracked me up so I had to put it here.

“I’ll recycle.”  -Lightman

“You owe me 200 bucks you bastard!”  -Lightman to the psycho Martin


good ironic casting with Sam Hendricks (played by Howard Hesseman)

-Cal was involved with his former college professor Helen while in school.

-The government is covering up something over the skies i doubt we’ll ever know what it was lol!

-It is a slow build but they are working towards a Cal Lightman and Gillian Foster getting together I think.

Lie to Me Season 2-Episode 10

Tractor Man

The episode begins with a guy rolling up in a tractor with something attached to the back and a sign saying he wants to talk to the president of the united states.   Lightman at the same time is giving a group of young kids a tour of the Lightman Group and talking with them about lying and how we all learn it from our parents.   It is true, that is where we learn to lie, everyone lies either to not inconvenience others or to protect our own secrets that we don’t want revealed and we learn how to do it when we’re young because our parents do it as well.   Of course they learned from their own parents….its a cycle. 🙂

So does the crazy guy have a bomb in the tractor or not, and why does he want to talk to the president.  He’s a farmer, my bet its got something to do with the economy!

They keep the kids within the building for their safety which isn’t too surprising, it’s an interesting development as well.  Enter agent Steele, played by the great Miguel Ferrer (if you don’t know he was the main villain in the first Robocop movie!)  Turns out that the agents have been able to determine that the trailer could in fact have a bomb within it, and they are willing to work with Lightman to get to the truth as quickly as possible.

Lightman decides that he needs to talk with the Tractor Man to determine if he has a bomb in the truck or not, but of course Howard Clark is not talking.    Torres shows up at the Clark farm and doesn’t get any answers.   Loker is without a doubt horrible with kids, and he cannot keep it interesting no matter what, but the instant that Cal walks back into the room things get more interesting and he even suggests that Loker get his guitar and play for the kids.   Who took the turtle…..thats more interesting than the bomb plot!!

Even though Cal still doesn’t have the for sure on rather or not there is a bomb Agent Steele decides to get the snipers together in order to take the man down.  Turns out that the tractor is rigged to explode and its not Harold working on his own, in fact by this point I’m starting to think that perhaps someone set Harold up as well.   They find out who the man is and send Torres out to talk with the other man who is involved.

Lightman has a moment with one of the kids, that really does show that he knows how to talk to children, I am willing to bet that he was a good father to Emily when she was younger.    Torres and the FBI agent go to the farm of Ron Jackson and find that he’s definitely been playing with bombs and planning things from the beginning.    Turns out that it isn’t Harold at all as I said, its Ron Jackson.   It turns out that someone is in the house with his wife, someone who was there when Torres was there.  Things are getting more interesting…but I want to know who took the turtle!!

Torres does a great job of distracting Dave Miller so that Agent Irving could take him down and make it safe for Harold Clark’s wife.   Loker had a crush on a sixth grader when he was Oscar’s age….sounds familiar.   Loker is actually good with kids also if he’s just given a chance but its harder for him than for Lightman maybe because he’s never been a father?

Harold Clark is a pawn in Ron Jackson’s game of blowing up downtown DC.  Lightman and Reynolds go searching for Jackson out in a crowd of people who are protesting.  It takes Lightman only a few minutes to find Ron Jackson, turns out that Jackson is planning on blowing a van along with the tractor as well.   Reynolds takes Jackson down with one shot and no hesitation.  I’d like to know some more history behind Jackson.

I love the white lie song, it’s so truth though as well, white lies are the most common, the ones that we tell all the time.   The world would be in chaos if you didn’t tell white lies sometimes.    The Jackson case continues with the FBI agent Steele wanting to forwards anyways and take down Clark and his bomb, which is probably not even a real bomb, but in order to protect the people in the city they’re going to do what the have to do, they are out of time even though Lightman wants them to not do it yet.

They still aren’t sure if the bomb is real or not, until Torres shows them that there is no bomb in the trailer and Lightman is going to go out there and make sure that there is no bomb, he’s going to risk his own life to prove that there is no bomb in Harold’s trailer.  He goes out to the trailer and talks with Harold and it turns out that Harold Clark was just a decoy after all suckered into things by Jackson and Miller who held his wife hostage.   In the back of Harold’s tractor-trailer is a bunch of corn.

Lightman suggests that the girl who stole the turtle lies but she decides it was better to tell the truth to Miss Angela.  While Loker and Miss Angela kiss goodbye as well.   Once again another episode ends on a great note!


A bunch of kid say hi to Reynolds followed by Loker saying this:

“Hi Agent Ben!” -Loker  I thought this was hilarious so I put it here.

“Boys and girls this is crazy Uncle Loker, he’s going to be continuing our education on lying.”  -Lightman.  He’s always forcing people into thing that they don’t really want to do, especially Loker which I love!

“So you’re giving us the green light.” “What is it with you people? Why is it always Red light, Green Light? What do you want me to do pull the trigger for ya?”  -Agent Steele and Lightman

“Who knows the words to Puff the Magic Dragon?”  “My mom says that song’s about illegal drugs.”  -Loker and one of the kids.

“You need to look for the posture and the gaze of a terrorist.  Why am I telling you this?”  “Why don;t you just come with me?” -Lightman and Reynolds.

“Are you out of your mind?” “No, not right now, but in a couple of hours I’m going to be really…well very drunk.”  -Harold Clark and Cal Lightman best line of the episode!


Lightman doesn’t force the kids into giving up who took the turtle, I thought that was pretty nice of him.

-Did LIghtman help with hostage negitiation before?

-Do I see Loker and the teacher of the students having a spark with one another….Miss Angela?

Overall: A+  One of the best episodes of season 2, it had tight writing and a great plot, the sub plot was good as well.

Don’t forget starting June 7th Lie to Me is back with all new episodes and I will be reviewing them!

Lie to Me Season 2-Ep. 9

May 15, 2010 1 comment

Fold Equity

Things begin with an introduction to a group of people at a poker championship tournament.  At the same time a  young man witnesses something and then Lightman walks into the tournament saying that the final constant is missing.   We break to the opening sequence.

I love how Cal gets Reynolds to place a bet for him.   The wife of the missing player says that he loves them both so much but Lightman shows her the real reason why he wouldn’t abandon himself and that is he loves the fame.  Loker and Torres were both left back in DC and they get stuck with a lot of files to look over and Loker more than likely isn’t going to make it out on his date.

Turns out that someone ha taken Jake Hartman and has advised them to not tell the police.   The voice is of course a strange recording and this also makes it a federal case and they are pretty sure that they can get the money because Jake is a valuable asset to the casino because they need him to play in the championship game.

This episode is basically about Poker players and how they play a table.   About how Poker players lie and how they still slip up and reveal the truth.  Loker and Torres meanwhile have a bet about his date and rather or not he’s going to get something that evening.    It appears as if Amadeo was involved in the kidnapping, the two men that work with him were going for the bag of money and Reynolds along with the other agents there with him arrested them.     It is possible that Amadeo might be able to play Lightman, but I am doubting it very much so that he’s even halfway involved.

Turns out that Mason faked a kidnapping of Jake in order to get Amadeo off of the table but in the end its Mason who isn’t making it to the final table for faking a kidnapping.   Lightman and Poppy Wells (what kind of name is Poppy)end up sleeping together of course, it was bound to happen with the signals that they were both sending one another. The real question is how much can he trust this Poppy poker player lady?    I like that he tricks his body-guard to get out with Poppy and find out some more things.   What they discover is what appears to be a body in a trunk, it’s not Jake but its a man who both Ellis and Lightman knew, a trainer for the greatest poker players.

I love watching Loker and Torres fight over what the girl who Loker is dating is really thinking.  Why Torres wants an ant farm is beyond me, but it was a funny sequence anyway .    In a strange turn of events while sitting at the table Lightman has Poppy arrested for the death of Abe, seems like a power play of some kind.  It is something that Lightman would do though in an instant!    Turns out that Poppy was keeping the fact that Jake called her and that was how they found out about the body, they go with Jake’s wife to where he is hiding out to find out the truth of what happened.

Lightman is still playing Poppy, she knows something about Abe and she’s not letting it loose yet, but they’re watching her now to see how things go down.  Turns out that Belnav who has investors in Moscow or something like that, killed Abe because he was going to reveal to Jake what he knew about the other players.

In the end the bad guys are taken away and Jake does play while LIghtman takes a million dollars in chips and bets it all on Double O..we don’t find out if he wins or looses….my bet…yeah he lost BIG TIME!


“The day they let Cal Lightman back in Vegas.”  -Mason Brock

“You’re smothering, there’s no smothering in vegas.” -Lightman

“She’s roulette stay away.” -Foster to Lightman regarding a woman.

“This is not a side-show Bob…Move on.”  -Lightman


Cal has a gambling problem…surprise…surprise!

-Is there some Loker/Torres sexual tension?? hmmm interesting.

-Foster/Reynolds relationship?? hmmmm also interesting.

Overall: B-

One of the weaker episodes in season 2.  There were some fun parts to the episode but for the most part it wasn’t a truly great story and the best parts all happened away from the main storyline. Someone pointed out to me by the way that I haven’t been giving an overall rating lately….sorry about that I will try to go back when I have time and change that for the other episodes!

Lie to Me Season 2-Ep.8

Secret Santa

Two groups attack one another in Afghanistan and one surrenders to the american group saying that he is american and he knows what they are looking for.   We  move from there over to Lightman and his daugther along with Foster where we meet Emily’s new boyfriend briefly before LIghtman is interrupted by the deputy assistant to the president for national security affairs who has something that she needs Lightman to see.

Lightman is sent to Afghanistan in order to determine if a former american who is now in the Taliban perhaps is telling the truth about to captured marines.   We learn that Emily is throwing a christmas party at the group and thus the episode is called Secret Santa.  Lightman is brought the American compound where they are keeping the prisoner so that he can interview him.    They shaved and cleaned the man up so that he once again looks American.  Lightman accuses the man of being in the Taliban and that he hates america to try to get him in order to make the man reveal the truth about his life.

The more Lightman interviews the guy the more he starts to get the sense that he’s lying about what is going on and is sending the team into an ambush.   Lightman decides to try some things to determine the truth of who he is and what he might be hiding.  Its interesting that he could be a spy for our side who has been out there too long and flipped sides, it’s also interesting that he might still be on our side and no one knows who he is because he has to stay undercover.

LIghtman convinces him to reveal where the men really were by talking with him.  Torres spills a drink on Gillian on accident but really for a reason so that the two of them can get alone together.  Komisky knows Franko and the two of them have some kind of a history.   Foster and Torres still try to keep things from Emily only now she knows that something is going on that her dad didn’t want to tell her.   At the same time this is happening it turns out that the group going in to rescue the marines were led into an ambush after all by Franko.   Turns out that Franko and Komisky know one another after all.

As this is happening Emily finds out what is going on and is shocked by what is going on because she is now aware that her father is in danger.    The bunker that Lightman is in is now under attack and they have 17 minutes until they have to escape out of another door.    In Bosnia Lightman was in intelligence probably for the English not for America.    Turns out that he was responsible for a man getting killed who was telling the truth.   Franko was trained to go into special ops but it wasn’t a real operation just one that Komisky was doing on his own.

We learn pretty quickly that Franko’s aunt is not really his aunt at all but part of his cover.   Meanwhile Lightman pulls out the tracking device that the US government was using to track where he was.   The tracking device was dead and LIghtman gives Franko the ability to redeem himself and also finds out where he was really from so that he can use it all in the man’s story.    Lightman goes to Glen’s (Franko) parents house along with Komisky and they tell the parents what really happened to their son.

At the end we get to see the christmas party that Emily wanted to hold, to which LIghtman doesn’t make it to on time but he still makes it to the party.   Their relationship is a good one for both of them. Turns out that Lightman got Loker and got him a snowflake from the army camp earlier in the show.  That was truly chuckle worthy!


“No, If you think you’re going to send me to Afghanistan…You do think you’re going to send me to Afghanistan, don’t you? And there was I dreaming of a white christmas.” -Lightman

“But what you’ve got in common with these guys is that it’s all about living to fight tomorrow, right in the hope that someday soon you get to go home.  If that’s not on the cards, then all that remains is the last fight you fight.”  -Lightman


We meet Emily’s boyfriend who may or may not become a semi-recurring character

-Cal was in a war?  Did I miss this in a former episode?  Nope, he was in Bosnia in 94 and he sort of got hooked on the high of war.

Lie to Me Season 2-Ep. 7

Black Friday

Its black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year and people are outside a shop waiting for it to open, a man is using a mircophone to heckle people adn suddenly one event of a guy leaving behind his wallet sends others into doing things until suddenly there is a mobbing at the front doors and a lady is stepped over, we break to the opening credits unsure what’s going on int his episode…

A kid comes to Lightmans house, a big fan of his apparently, and he claims to be a kid named James Knox whom he believes that he is but his parents say that he is not and that they are lying and he wants to know the truth, something totally unrelated to the opening sequence.   Lightman wants the boy to interview his parents while he watch so that he can find out what’s really going on.    As Lightman watches them he finishes seeing that both parents are hiding something and reveals both him and Gillian Foster but the kid goes home with the parents who demand that they are leaving.

Loker is talking with one of the men from the beginning of the show, who is the owner of the shop digital corner and Loker’s job is try and figure out who was really at fault for what happened.  Loker takes on the job, if they win they get a milllion if they loose they’re taking nothing.   Loker and Torres are taking on the job themselves.

Cal and Gillian go to see the Knox’s about their son and show him a picture of the boy that believes he is their son. As he meets the Knox family they talk with the parents and Cal interviews the parents asking them if they killed their son and the mom reveals that the son drowned and she covered it up all of these years.  She was telling the truth and they go back to speak with Max who is not James Knox.   In the end Lightman agrees to keep helping him find out the truth of who he really is.

Turns out that his parents adopted him from a woman named Chayane who didn’t want anyone to know that she gave him up for adoption and she didn’t want to go through offical channels and they wanted a child.

Loker and Torres interview the people giving the suit against the store.  The people claimed that a guard was inciting the crowed and it turns out that only the man who saw the guard was one man.   It turns out that more than one person is working hte system to get something out of Digital Corner.

Lightman and Foster bring Max to his biological mother who agrees to meet with him.  As they hug Lightman sees soemthing and reveals that in fact Cheyene is not his biological mother, she’s lying just like his parents are lying.  Cheyene lied to Max’s parents because she wanted to keep the baby alive and gave him up to them for adoption.  She took the boy from her former drug dealer a guy named Romeo.   Its going strange now for sure.  Reynolds shows up because he gets a call and it turns out that Reynolds is called back because Lightman got into the DMV with his licesnese.

Max is still beat up over who his real parents were and him and Emily sit down and have a talk.   It is a sweet little scene between the two of them, I even think that its possible that Emily likes Max because in some ways he is simliar to her, a little on the different side.   They fully under utilize Emily on this show, its good to see her doing something this episode.   Turns out that they have no choice after Cheyene revealed it that the parents have to be arrested and Max has disappeared….I think he’s still at the LIghtman group though at this point.

Torres and Loker find out that they have been keeping some secuirty video from them about the guard and some people before the events took place.    Lightman decides to talk with Emily about where Max might be, Cal and Gillian pull a little game trying to find out where Max is and now they’re going to let her bring Max back and they do which really pisses Emily off.

They speak with a parole officer and find out that his wife was killed, a bullet put in his back and his son was stolen.  The people in the crowed went a little crazy because one guy bumped into another guy.   They interview the guy and it turns out he’s trying to find his daughter and was in panic.  She fell and broke her arm and he tried to find her in teh crowd and everyone thought that he was cutting and everyone went crazy because of it.   Its the whole crowd mentality, its why I refuse to go shopping on Black Friday’s because I know what its like having worked in REtail for so long.  It is crazy out there.

Turns out that Blake (Romeo) took the son to make the father live with the pain of what was done to him when he was sent back to jail.   Loker goes for the dinner that Lightman is paying for but Torres still wants the truth of how the daughter broke her arm.   While out for a drink Loker stumbles upon how the daughter could have broken her arm, he goes back to Torres and the two of them study the tapes some more.

Lightman and Foster introduce Max to his biological father.  Max-er uh Owen? Doesn’t believe that the man who they say is his real father is his real father.   He wants the ones that raised him back, and Lightman has an imprtu lashing out session with the boy until he finally breaks down.   In the meeting Loker and Torres reveal that they know what happened and the clients decide that they aren’t goign to use any of the report.   Turns out that Loker did the right thing by revealing the truth even if it did cost them money because in the end they are there to get the truth.

In the end Lightman helps a boy find the truth…and saves the day uh so to speak..over all a good episode.


Oh you know, dad leactured…” “I did not lecature.” “mom fretted. so much to be thankful for.”  -Emily and Cal

“Well Selling’s the easy part, its delierving that’s the trick, and thats what you promised” -Lightman to Loker

“What I’m saying is I’m in. Are you? Think carefully before you answer that because if we do go down this rabbit hole, there’s no telling what’s gonna bite you.”  -Lightman to Max

“So can either of you tell me who I should blame for ruining my vaction?”  “Loker?”  -Reynolds and Lightman

“You know I go away for one weekend and the two of you start acting like Bonnie and Clyde.  You’re spending Christmas with me!” -Reynolds to Foster.

“As nausiating as it is for me to say this to loker…well done.”  -Cal to Loker


-I am finally getting my wish looks like Loker is getting a little bit more character to himself in this episode.

-Loker decides to tell the truth again as he always does, his one constant charater trait.

-Do I get a sense that perhaps Foster and Lightman are working towards some kind of a relationship with one another?

Lie to Me Season 2-Ep 6

May 7, 2010 1 comment

Lack of Candor

At the beginning of the episode Agent Reynolds is named Carlos and is beating up some guy in the back of a restaurant and this guy turns out to be someone who is now working with the FBI and is killed just as he arrives at a safe house and now it looks like they might be seeking out Reynolds as well who Lightman doesn’t want to be put into protective services so he’s come up with another idea all together.

Lightman is holding Agent Reynolds hostage until his requests are met…and we break into the opening credits which I love and I have said before I am sure.

Lightman and Foster want to interview the three men who drove the witness to the safe house.    Turns out that Greene the man who Reynolds was involved with 11 months earlier was a wall street fixer with hedge funds and working with inside information.

Lightman can always tell when someone is afraid or lying, just by looking at them and watching them and Foster seems to be quite good at figuring out why he took someone out of the room or kept someone into the room.   Once again Lightman is going to prison to talk with Greene himself about who might have been responsible for the killing.

When Lightman mentions a man named Scotty to Reynolds he pretty much freaks out and goes through some files and says that he can’t testify.   We’re finally learning some more things about Reynolds and his past, things that he did and didn’t want to do but he had to do.   The mystery is of who is Scotty and why is Reynolds afraid of what is going to be revealed if Lightman finds out who Scotty was?   That’s what this episode is really about.

Torres and Loker decide to take the ‘initiative’ and go in and question the possible suspect.  He slips up pretty quickly revealing a mistake that he made that morning while Mark (the witness) was on the cell phone.  Reynolds was authorized to use drugs and to look and act like a criminal so that he could fit in with the group and he wouldn’t have to pretend to do these things.  Most undercover agents do the same thing, and it can get them into a lot of trouble if they aren’t careful, this is true in the real world as well, but the only way you can really hide among the criminals and catch them is to pretend to be one and sometimes you actually have to do some bad things to keep your head.

Lightman upon learning this decides to try new tactics with Reynolds.  He tells him that he knows the truth and after an argument between the two of them he asks Reynolds what really happened with Scotty and then asks to talk with him alone in his office with no cameras.   Reynolds killed Scotty….wow, he actually killed somebody while working on the case and he did it in order to keep his secret of being an agent undercover but he didn’t do it because Scotty pulled a gun on him but because he faked that Scotty was the mole within the order and Reynolds handler didn’t tell him the truth.   There is nothing in the file even that he killed Scotty to keep his cover.

Lightman lied to Reynolds and then he deletes the video so that they can work together on finding out a way to keep Greene in jail and also keep Reynolds on his case.  Lightman brings in Special Agent Redatti so that she can be interviewed and they are trying to keep her from talking with Reynolds while also finding out more truth from her.  Ben Reynolds goes in to talk with Redatti and starts talking with her about Scotty and what he did and she continues to say that she didn’t talk with him about a killing and that he never signed anything.

Turns out neither the wife nor the mistress really set up Mark in the end it was just a mistake with a cellphone because he took calls on it more than once.  They can tie the murder to the cellphone.    So Lightman goes to the bar that Redatti is at and sits and has drinks with her…he is a smooth man.  Turns out that Redatti wants Greene to be let out and she wants Reynold discredited but she was also setting Reynolds up for a fall.   In the end Lightman gets Reynolds off so that he can testify against Greene and keep him in jail.

This episode is really about Reynolds and growing his character, I like the direction that they are taking him in, it shows a real chance for him to grow from just being a simple one dimensional character into a real fully fleshed character.   The only member of the Lightman Group that I wish they would grow some more is Loker, he’s there but he’s barely used and we know so little about him.   Maybe in the future we’ll get some more Loker.


“nah, its not me its about you and that pain on your face.” -Lightman to Reynolds.

“well I’m glad you pushed ahead on this. I half expected to find you to be sitting around on your thumbs doing nothing.”  -Lightman to Torres and Reynolds


what happened to Lightman in Northern Ireland?

-Lightman uses the name Terry,  Terry was a former friend of his who in the episode before this one set Lightman up.

-Reynolds is going to have to live with what he did in order to protect his case and his own life for the rest of his life.

-‘thats a true friend’  ‘yes she is.’ they are speaking about Foster..I know it.