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My Lost Kind-of-Live Last Episode and Specials Blog well

(Semi live…i had to start watching late 😦   miss spellings will be fixed later!!!)

-We pick up the final ever episode of Lost looking at an Oceanic airplane at LA-X.  finale

-What do the flash sideways mean this is the only thing I want an answer to at this point.

-I like the parralelles between the flash sideways world and the other world at the beginning of the episode.

-he’s worse than yoda..regarding Jacob so true, he doesn’t give you anything and if he does it leads to thousands of other questions!

-Hurly just shot Charlie with a tranquilizer gun! Sweetly Awesome!

-Ooooooh Walking music is back!  I love the walking music…every time they walk from one place to another on the island it plays and it so dramatic!

-Sawyer just punched Ben…man ben gets beat up a lot.

-Dog…Desmond was rescued by Rose and Bernard…I missed them its nice to see them back again even if it is only for one last time and Vincent is with them too!

-Evil Locke arrives (sorry to all of you out there that call him Flocke I think its a stupid name) and takes Desmond from his refuge.

-Evil Locke wants to destroy the island, he’s obsessed with doing so and getting off and Ben has got a radio….and Richard is alive of course because he has something important for this final episode.

-what is so important about this concert.

-No one is ever really dead in lost…Sun and Jin are both still alive and in the hospital….and JULIET is a doctor at the hospital!!!!!! YES!!

-Why exactly are they remembering things that happened in the Other world in the Flash-Sideways world I am not really sure on hopefully this is answerd…it has to be answered!!!

-Now Jin and Sun are speaking english!!!!!  Man these flash-sideways are confusing.

-A Trailer for Inception…I want to see this movie!

-It just occurred to me the four people on Jack’s side including Jack himself are all the four candidates that Jacob wanted back in season 3, I wonder if that was on purpose?

-Richard has a gray hair…he’s aging now!

Lepidus is still alive!!! (that’s the pilot)   does smokey really need a plane to leave?  My thinking…nope!

-Kate starts shooting at Evil Locke, because he killed them.   Evil Locke and Jack have a face off about what they’re doing on the island.   Jack says he’s going to kill Evil Locke and its a surprise!

-:O Juliet is Jack’s ex-wife!!!!  I am not surprised….and Sawyer just walked right past her while going to Sun’s room!

-Desmond is a weapon…wtf?  Should be interesting if proven right.   Things sure happening quickly for a 2 and half hour finale.  Something bad is about to happen I think.

-so the flash-sideways really is another life where those that were Lost have a second chance to live their lives or something like that.  It’s what I thought it was or close to it anyway.

-Sayid and Hurley are good friends and in the flash-sideways world he’s trying to show Sayid that he is a good guy.   Just then two guys beating each other up come out and one of them is Shannon….and when she sees Sayid he remembers just as she does about their past lives together….I am finally getting it…..the flash-sideways are the lives they should have had!

-BOONE!!!!  I’m loving him on Vampire Diaries btw.        Great small cameo from him..they really are bringing all of the final characters back together.

-Claire comes out of the forest with a gun.   Richard manages to convince her that they are leaving and she can go with them but she doesn’t want to…Claire is strange for sure.  She needs Charlie.

-Jack has taken Locke’s place as a man of Faith after all of these seasons his character has come full circle from a man who believed that science explained everythig and who believed in nothing into a man who believed in something and has faith on top of  his science.  Oh and in this world Locke is dead…Evil Locke is a bastard!

-Claire is short..i never realized how short she was!   Charlotte is there, and she’s waking up Charlie who is going to see claire of which I have no doubt….and then there he is….Daniel himself.

-So many people that we’ve known in the other world are here…and instead of depressed or lost or without purpose they all have that here in the flash-sideways world.      Charlie see’s Claire and its just like what happend with Sayid and Shannon.

-Is Kate going to help her deliver Aaron again?  Yeah i bet so.

-man there is a lot of water down where Desmond is.   He steps into it and pulls out a rock until the light goes dead…huh?   And it looks like Jack was wrong….or was he…because Evil Locke can be hurt now!!  He’s mortal again ahhhh ha!

-I now know how Claire and Kate are going to remember who they were….by Kate helping her give birth to her child.

-Desmond says once htey remember they are leaving…where are they leaving too exactly??  Interesting.

-Charlie is there as he was last time as well….its almost exactly the same only it’s at a different place…and we know whats coming because it’s happened for everyone else as well….they are remembering who they were in the other life.

-who is Kate supposed to be with…i really hope sawyer and Juliette are going to be together.

-Ben just saved Hugo’s life….its amazing how much he’s changed as well…and lets face it we just lost another person perhaps.

-Locke and jack face off 2.0  I love the fade to break bunch LOL!

-The island is falling apart around them as Evil Locke stabs Jack and pushes him away.   There’s Kate shooting Evil Locke in the back I think I know the answer now…she belongs with Jack.    Evil Locke is pushed off the side and he’s dead….just like that.

-Back in the alternate world Locke’s operation is done and Jack is there with him….is it time to remember for the two most important characters in the show?  The man of science and the man of faith?

-Where is Katey Segal?????  Locke is remembering…Jack still doesn’t remember, he’s only seeing flashes that are confusing him because he’s a man of science not faith.

-now that evil Locke is dead the sun is back on the island….why?   THey got Ben out from under the tree…but they still need to get off the freakin’ island before it collapses under them!

-Is it time for Sawyer to remember?  All he needs to do is bump into Juliette.

-Ben is gong with Jack back to the center of the island and so is Hurley but Kate is going so that she can get Claire on the plane and to her baby.   They just answered it for me…it is Jack and Kate as I always thought it should be…maybe I’m wrong still LOL who knows!!!

-Miles: “I don’t believe in a lot of things but i do believe in duct tape!”  LOL So TRUE!

-Sawyer sees Juliette…and they touch and remember their other lives….it all comes rushing back to them and they of course are going to join the rest for whatever it is they are doing…maybe its sailing off into the sunset?  Wouldn’t that be nice!!!!  Too bad this is LOST and not HAPPY ENDING!

-Now all that is left is for Jack to meet Kate again.  I love how Kate looks at Jack and how he can’t remember her, but of course she has her memory back.    He doesn’t get what is happening and he won’t let it happen because he believes in science in the flash-sideways world whereas he is a man of faith in the Lost world.

-Jack wants Hurley to protect the island…because Jack knows what he has to do.

-Jack need something out of to take some water for Hurley to drink..and now Hurley is like Jack and Jacob…and perhaps like what Richard was as well.

-As they lower Jack, the plane prepares to take off and its going to be a test of Jack’s resolve to do what he has to do to save the island.   HOw were they going to do this in 2 hours?

-Kate convinces Claire to go with them on the plane…are they going to make it!  Ahk I don’t know!!!

-Now Jack’s got to plug a hole wounded and dying just like Locke had to turn a wheel in the same condition….i think the writers like torturing the main characters.

-And now about half of the remaining alive cast in Lost world are on a plane again….surprise surprise!  Uh I hope the plane has enough gas to get them home!

-The water flows again…Jack did what had to be done to save the island.

-Locke arrives at a church somewhere in a taxi only hours after surgery and Ben is there as well.

-The Flash-sideways are not flash-sideways…i don’t have the answer yet….but its the afterlife is my guess or something like that…I better find out before it ends damn it!!!

-Hurley asks Ben to help him, showing that Ben’s character has changed significantly over the course of the show.

-I was right….i’ve thougth so for about six episodes now…and I was right….the flashsideways were never flash sideways they were the after life..and Jack did give his life for the island.

-In the end it was a show about the characters not the island or its mysteries…and they went with their strong suit the characters and gave us a huge blow out ending about these characters and who they were and what htey meant to us….i couldn’t ask for a better ending to a show really….the mysteries….i don’t give a damn about them in the end all i care about is the characters.

-The show ends with Jack’s eye closing much as it began with his eye opening..all in all a good closing to six years one of the better series finales I have seen.

A lot of people are going to bitch and complain because it answered no questions at all really other than what the flash-sideways were (everyone’s after lives which explain why they were so happy and content) but to me it was what all of the best episodes of the show was: about the characters and who they are and what they mean to one another.    WE got the answers wanted and closure of a sort.    Perhaps more answers will come in another spin-off one day or something…I’d like to know how Hurley and Ben run the island for instance.  Perhaps one day.

Sometime this summer or fall I plan on doing a comprehensive review of the entire series and what i think it all meant…till then that’s enough LOST.