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Bones Season 1-Episode 2

The Man in the SUV

An Arabian man with scars all over his face in an SUV drives crazy and as he parks his car explodes starting an all new episode of Bones.  The mystery is what was this man doing and why did he have these scars on his face.

A man named Masruk was in the SUV and he worked for the white house and was also a member of the Arab Friendship league.  The question is was he a terrorist or was someone else involved.    The wife of course is instant that it is not her husband and the brother has the same strange marks on his face though not as obvious, it all points to a clue about what is really going on.    The agent from Homeland security wants to know everything that is going on while they try to figure out what happened and who the man was.

Hamid apparently had Lupus, at least that is what they say.  Brennan will only work with Booth because she doesn’t know how to break to the wife and she also didn’t want to give it to Agent Gibson because she doesn’t entirely trust someone who she hasn’t worked with before.  Turns out that Masruk had a bomb planted under his car by someone else and he was set up by someone.   Was Masruk’s wife having an affair a lot of evidence was pointing that way for sure if you are one who can read humans and what they do and for what reasons.

Hamid Masruk’s brother Farid converted to christianity at some point when they came over to the Americas, and he knew that the wife was having an affair as well as the wife.  This is where we meet another man named Ali Ladjavardi, who was the one having an affair with the wife.     Homeland security planted Ali Ladjavardi into the Friendship league to find potential terrorists.   Thus Agent Santana takes the man away from questioning because he was working for them and he checks out as in he wouldn’t have done something like this.

The start of Hodgins and Zach working on re-building things and doing experiments is in this episode, and also their competition with one another regarding who is the king of the lab a recurring thing between the two of them over the course of the seasons of the show.  Angela goes and meets with Booth’s current girlfriend Tessa to size up the competition for Brennan.   I had forgotten during the first season that Angela was trying to get Booth and Bones together.    This was one of the first realizations that Booth and Bones belonged together but after five seasons they are still not together, perhaps in the following season we will see something.

The Masruk brothers were poisoned by Dioxin.   It turns out that they were slowly being poisoned.  Again we see the strange holograph machine that is only used in the first season of the show.   It’s a little unbelievable and I am glad that they dropped it once the show officially became a hit.    Bones is one tough woman and she will do what she has to do in order to get her answers especially if she’s sure that the person won’t say anything about her to someone else.    The wife is guilty as far as Booth can tell but there are a lot of holes in the theory.

The bomb was made in Woodley park and that leads to Farid who was making the bomb of course his brother found out that he was making it and Farid put the bomb under his brother’s car to kill him so that he could keep his.   It looks like Farid is going to blow up a peace conference.    Booth and Bones start looking for Farid and find him as they are up on the floor above him, Booth doesn’t want to fire until he see’s a face and Bones makes the man look so that Booth can shoot before he explodes the bomb and kills a bunch of innocent people.

Like all episodes of Bones this one ends with the afterwards, not just with the solving of the case.     Usually these moments involve Booth and Brennan sitting together talking about what happened.   Over the course of the show more of the main characters begin to come to these little after the case meetings though sometimes its still just Booth and Bones.    In the end Bones goes back to work as Booth goes back to his girlfriend who will be one of many over the course of the series.


“I think he likes you, if I were you I’d buy a ticket on that ride.” -Angela discussing Booth to Brennan.

“I think she’s having an affair….personally.” -Booth to Bones regarding Masruk’s wife

“You can always count on the dead.” -Bones

“Fanaticisim and Logic don’t go hand in hand.”  -Booth


-the Flesh Eating beetles cleaning the bones is a pretty cool scene and is actually something that is done for real if one was trying to study the bones.

-Brennan doesn’t get out much and socialize in this season.

-Looking back at season one really makes you want Zach back on the show.

-Booth is dating a woman named Tessa who only lasts a few episodes.

-Bones knows the traditions of burials for muslims probably for a lot of other cultures as well, it would be a part of her job to know.

-I love that Angela is so curious about Booth’s life outside of work and she’s doing it because she believes that Brennan has a thing for Booth.

-Apparently beetles are sautéed in peanut oil in thailand…remind me not to go there for vacation!

Overall Rating:  B

One of the weaker episodes of the first season, though it was interesting and it did help cement the characters more the episode ultimately was a little too heavy on Terrorists and a little predictable as well, and one thing was off why did Hamid have Dixon poisoning if he wasn’t involved in the making of the bombs, he didn’t live with his brother after all!!   Oh well, over all a good episode.


Happy Town Episode 3

Polly Wants a Crack at Her

Dave and Tommy end up going out to where Jerry Friddle said the bodies were buried, turns out that there are no bodies buried out there and we pick up with Henley after her car crash where she meets a mysterious new man, named Aidan.    The Stiviletto brothers also want to file a complaint against T.C. over what he did in the last episode because of what T.C. thought they did to Georgia.

The Thaw Fest is still getting underway as Rachel and Emma Conway meet Merritt Grieves.   I like Merritt because he loves Cinema and movies and everything involving around them.  I do not believe that he is the Magic Man, it’s too obvious pushing him out as being the Magic Man.   Its hard at this time to say who the Magic Man is, but I know that we’ll eventually get our answers as to who the Magic Man is.     A strange Hawk is hanging around the episode for some reason.  Special Agent Dan Farmer continues the investigation into who killed Friddle revealing how it was done and that a man with enough force could have shoved the railroad spike through his head with a hammer.   It’s obvious that Farmer wants to solve the case, but if he is the Magic Man then he wants to solve it to find out who is looking for him.

Aidan brought Henley to a vet instead of a real hospital, which is mildly funny.   Andrew Haplin uses the fact that his car was destroyed to go and try to beat up Georgia’s father but instead he gets taken down by the man who is a much more dangerous man than I thought he would be.   We know why Andrew did this, he did it because he believes that Carl Bravin (Georgia’s father).    Brain is brought into the police station no doubt because he was reported on by one of the other kids or even Andrew himself.

Dan quickly finds out about the tires by doing a mold of them and its been sent out so that they can find out which cars might have tires like that and they can start inspecting them.   Rachel and Emma visit Merritt’s cinema shop which is full of wonderful cinema things from the past.   Georgia talks with Rachel over the phone and by talking with her she basically reveals to her that she is dating Andrew though she doesn’t come right out and say it.   Hobbs believes that Greggy (the Stiviletto brother who is in jail) is getting his brothers to seek his revenge for him by filing charges against T.C.

Carl believes that he saw the Magic Man once and he wore a blue top hat and limped with glowing eyes, all of this sounds like Carl was high on something that night.    More than likely Carl never saw anyone that night or any other night that could have been the magic man.  Aidan convinces Henley that he will take her back to Haplin and it appears as if the two of them might be getting to know one another a lot better…yeah uhh it definitely does…they pretty much do it!

T.C. talks with Andrew at the Haplin house to try to figure out what happened.   Turns out of course that Carl didn’t smash the car up because he was sleeping according to Georgia.  Also turns out that Aidan is hiding something, he’s got a gun with him and he’s doing everything he can to distract her I think.   Andrew’s grandmother knows the truth about what happened and she sees a future for Andrew and she wants him to keep his options open as she knows about Georgia and actually in a way approves but not fully.    There is something going on with Peggy Haplin (the grandmother) that goes beyond what we already know.   She is perhaps along with Henley and Merritt one of the most interesting characters in the show.

Despite everything Tommy still is protecting Dave and doesn’t want him to go to jail.   I can understand where this is coming from the two of them grew up together, even so he doesn’t want Dave hanging around his house.    The mysterious Aidan parks with Henley in front of the house she is staying at, and the older women in that house know the man she is in the car with, I wonder if we’re going to find out the history behind him as well.    Tommy goes back to where the car was totalled and finds some things realizing the truth of what his wife told him, he goes back to Andrew.

The Stiviletto’s drop their charges and Georgia shows up at the police station so Dan makes a quick exit at the end because he doesn’t want him to see her.   Georgia and Andrew had it out at the end of the episode over what really happened and its obvious that the two of them really do care for one another and do want to be together.    I like how at the end Rachel taps the book and thinks that the magic will work.   Henley is still talking with someone on the phone and looking through her bag for the item she aqiuire dand its missing, Aidan of course took it and the reveal is that Aidan is actually Aidan Gregory Stiviletto, the last of the Stiviletto brothers.

At the end of the episode Emma comes up to her dad and the two of them go searching for Rachel who has gone missing….the conclusion of course is that she was taken by the Magic Man….or was it Aidan Stiviletto…or was it Merritt Grieves?   Who is the Magic Man, I guess we’ll find out in June when the show returns.

In the end we learn that the mystery man Aidan is in fact Greggy the fifth and smartest Stiviletto brother.    Did Aidan steal the item that Henley needed?   Or did someone else?    Merritt, what is he hiding?  Same goes for Dan Farmer?


“By himself all four of you?”  “He caught us off guards!”  -Hobbs and the Stiviletto brothers.

“Well this is like fishing for trout and reeling in a rolls-royce.  I’ll tell you what Andrew, next time you see your stinkin dad…tell him Carl Bravin sends his hosannas.”   -I just thought it was cool way to introduce an a$$hole character.

“Hmm who chopped off their hand and made you king?” -John Haplin to Tommy


Who is Aidan and where did he come from.

-Carl Bravin looks more dangerous than he was hinted at being.

-They are really pushing Merritt as the Magic Man, he does a magic trick with a book and then gives the book to Emma.

-53rd??  Why not pick an even number?

Lie to Me Season 2-Ep 6

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Lack of Candor

At the beginning of the episode Agent Reynolds is named Carlos and is beating up some guy in the back of a restaurant and this guy turns out to be someone who is now working with the FBI and is killed just as he arrives at a safe house and now it looks like they might be seeking out Reynolds as well who Lightman doesn’t want to be put into protective services so he’s come up with another idea all together.

Lightman is holding Agent Reynolds hostage until his requests are met…and we break into the opening credits which I love and I have said before I am sure.

Lightman and Foster want to interview the three men who drove the witness to the safe house.    Turns out that Greene the man who Reynolds was involved with 11 months earlier was a wall street fixer with hedge funds and working with inside information.

Lightman can always tell when someone is afraid or lying, just by looking at them and watching them and Foster seems to be quite good at figuring out why he took someone out of the room or kept someone into the room.   Once again Lightman is going to prison to talk with Greene himself about who might have been responsible for the killing.

When Lightman mentions a man named Scotty to Reynolds he pretty much freaks out and goes through some files and says that he can’t testify.   We’re finally learning some more things about Reynolds and his past, things that he did and didn’t want to do but he had to do.   The mystery is of who is Scotty and why is Reynolds afraid of what is going to be revealed if Lightman finds out who Scotty was?   That’s what this episode is really about.

Torres and Loker decide to take the ‘initiative’ and go in and question the possible suspect.  He slips up pretty quickly revealing a mistake that he made that morning while Mark (the witness) was on the cell phone.  Reynolds was authorized to use drugs and to look and act like a criminal so that he could fit in with the group and he wouldn’t have to pretend to do these things.  Most undercover agents do the same thing, and it can get them into a lot of trouble if they aren’t careful, this is true in the real world as well, but the only way you can really hide among the criminals and catch them is to pretend to be one and sometimes you actually have to do some bad things to keep your head.

Lightman upon learning this decides to try new tactics with Reynolds.  He tells him that he knows the truth and after an argument between the two of them he asks Reynolds what really happened with Scotty and then asks to talk with him alone in his office with no cameras.   Reynolds killed Scotty….wow, he actually killed somebody while working on the case and he did it in order to keep his secret of being an agent undercover but he didn’t do it because Scotty pulled a gun on him but because he faked that Scotty was the mole within the order and Reynolds handler didn’t tell him the truth.   There is nothing in the file even that he killed Scotty to keep his cover.

Lightman lied to Reynolds and then he deletes the video so that they can work together on finding out a way to keep Greene in jail and also keep Reynolds on his case.  Lightman brings in Special Agent Redatti so that she can be interviewed and they are trying to keep her from talking with Reynolds while also finding out more truth from her.  Ben Reynolds goes in to talk with Redatti and starts talking with her about Scotty and what he did and she continues to say that she didn’t talk with him about a killing and that he never signed anything.

Turns out neither the wife nor the mistress really set up Mark in the end it was just a mistake with a cellphone because he took calls on it more than once.  They can tie the murder to the cellphone.    So Lightman goes to the bar that Redatti is at and sits and has drinks with her…he is a smooth man.  Turns out that Redatti wants Greene to be let out and she wants Reynold discredited but she was also setting Reynolds up for a fall.   In the end Lightman gets Reynolds off so that he can testify against Greene and keep him in jail.

This episode is really about Reynolds and growing his character, I like the direction that they are taking him in, it shows a real chance for him to grow from just being a simple one dimensional character into a real fully fleshed character.   The only member of the Lightman Group that I wish they would grow some more is Loker, he’s there but he’s barely used and we know so little about him.   Maybe in the future we’ll get some more Loker.


“nah, its not me its about you and that pain on your face.” -Lightman to Reynolds.

“well I’m glad you pushed ahead on this. I half expected to find you to be sitting around on your thumbs doing nothing.”  -Lightman to Torres and Reynolds


what happened to Lightman in Northern Ireland?

-Lightman uses the name Terry,  Terry was a former friend of his who in the episode before this one set Lightman up.

-Reynolds is going to have to live with what he did in order to protect his case and his own life for the rest of his life.

-‘thats a true friend’  ‘yes she is.’ they are speaking about Foster..I know it.

Gaming News of the Day 5/1/2011

In the gaming news section I will mainly be covering only the news that interests me, if others join me in writing for the blog they will be welcome to do their own gaming news about news that interests them, most of my news is about RPG games because that is about all I play.

The team at Obsidian has revealed more about how Fallout: New Vegas will work with regards to the upgrade systems and creating a character.  It sounds as if it will be doing things slightly different from what was done in the first Fallout which I thought was one of the better RPGs if last year though it did at times fall back on the crutch that Oblivion had as well, a lot to do but no real focus on how to do it.   If you want to see how it’s all going to work, Joystick’s got a great article about it.

Game Crazy may be closing all of its remaining stores.   This story comes as no surprise to me, having worked for Game Crazy a few years back I can tell you that the moment Hollywood Video got into trouble Game Crazy would go as well.  It was never a stand-alone video game store like GameStop instead every Game Crazy was located within a Hollywood video and down here in Houston most every Hollywood is gone and thus most every Game Crazy is gone as well.  The company could have been a really great competitor for GameStop if they had just been willing to step outside of the box a little more and actually push themselves.   Still reading about how they’re closing down makes me remember when I did work for them.  It was one of the best experiences in retail that I had up until the job I now have.     Again Joystick has the entire article and from the looks of what they’re saying over there its more of a rumor at the moment as the parent company that owns Game Crazy and Hollywood is going to be filing for chapter 7.   Will I miss Game Crazy?  Not really I haven’t stepped foot into one by choice in nearly four years and I wasn’t going to start again any time soon.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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This blog is designed so that I can put out reviews and news on television shows, movies, games, and maybe anything else that catches my interest.  I am not going to be ranting and raving about things, though I will be referencing other websites from time to time for news and other such sources though all reviews will be by me and me alone or if anyone else decides to join in with me they will be able to review as well.   I tried this once before but I worked too much on it and burned myself out so I am taking a lighter more natural approach this time, only doing one or two reviews a week and posting news that interests me during that same week as well.

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