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The Archive of movie Reviews sorted by Theater Reviews and DVD Reviews:

Theater Reviews:

Iron Man 2 The sequel to the first movie which is about a man encased in Iron who wants to save the world from bad guys with whips! Posted: 5/10/10

A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Kruger re-born and he’s uglier than ever! Posted: 5/3/10

Kick-Ass The story of a teenage boy who decides to become a super-hero because no one else ever did! Posted: 4/30/10

DVD/Blu-Ray Reviews:

Legion– The story of Angles gone rogue and one angel that wants to save a pregnant human female for some reason.  Posted: 5/20/10

Sherlock Holmes– the 2009 version of the classic story staring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Posted: 5/18/10

Jennifer’s Body She’s hot..she’s super hot but is she actually any good? Posted: 5/6/10

Pandorum An under appreciated horror movie that deserved a sequel it’ll never get.  Posted: 4/30/10

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