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Weekend Box Office Report July 23-25

The weekend has come and gone and little surprise on what happened.  Sorry the report is late going up, got caught up in other things.   This week was the release of two movies, a family movie: Romona and Beezus along with the action film Salt starring Angelina Jolie, neither of them managed to put a dent in the Christopher Nolan movie Inception.   This week was all Inception along with a little bit of news about what the next Batman movie could be about.   Inception is a monster film of the summer, already it has dominated the box office two weekends in a row and has proven that Nolan is a really good director and at the fore-front of directors right now.  After he’s done with the next batman movie I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Hollywood studios don’t start knocking down his door wanting to produce his films.

Inception came in at number one with another 43.5 million for the weekend dropping only 30%  from the weekend before, proving that people are hungry for original good properties over remakes or movies based on other properties.  Inception has made a 143 million and will make over 200 million by the time that it runs out of the box office.   The movie is a strong film as my review shows and it will continue to do well at the theater through the rest of the summer season.   In second place with 36.5 million was the Angelina Jolie movie Salt which is an action film about an agent for the United States government who is accused of being a spy and has to go on the run.  The movie cost about a 110 million to make and it will make it back during its run but it won’t be quick.   For me Salt is one of those films that you see on DVD not in the theaters.

In at third retaining a strong presence is Despicable Me.   Steve Carell knows how to pick movies and this one proves it as well as the other movies that he has done.  Look at his last film: Date Night with Tina Fey, that one did far better than anyone thought it would do at the theaters.   Despicable Me is a really good family comedy along the lines of Toy Story 3.  It managed to pull in 24.1 million over the weekend bringing its three weekend total to 161 million almost making a 100 million more than its budget.   Coming in at number four is the Disney movie: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice starring Nicolas Cage.    This is the third movie from Bruckheiemer for Disney that has shown his magic has worn off and no one is really going to see his Disney produced big action films that appear to be nothing but knock offs of other movies.  The movie has little hope of making back its budget while in the theater.

IN at number five retaining its top five status is the Pixar movie: Toy Story 3 which has now pulled in 380 million and will probably pull in over 400 million or close to it.  Toy Story 3 is the biggest success in Pixar’s history and they will not be repeating it next year with the second Cars movie which I am still not sure about a sequel at all.  In at number six the new release Ramona and Beezus starring Selma Gomez and the new comer Joey King.   The film looks light-hearted and funny for families and is on my list to see once it comes out on DVD.  It managed to pull in 8 million and only cost 15 million to make so it’s not like Fox is loosing money on this one.

Rounding out the top ten was Grown Ups in at number seven with another 7.6 million bringing its five weekend total up to 142 million proving that Adam Sandler and his group of friends can still make comedies that people want to go and see and will go and see.   AT number eight Twilight Saga: Eclipse made 7 million and has quickly fallen off of the top five list and has not retained anywhere near the audience that other movies that have been out longer than it have managed.  Then again the movie has made nearly 300 million, but I can be hopeful that the whole series is waining on people can’t I?

In at number nine The Last Airbender has faded faster than even Twilight only pulling in 4.1 million and still has not managed to make back its budget at the domestic box office.   The movie is a flop but the studio and the director won’t admit it. In fact M. Night still claims that he is going to make two more movies in the series even though this one was not received well by fans or critics.   IN at number ten Predators came in with another 2.8 million and has pulled in over 45 million at the box office.  Predators is an action horror film and thus no one not even the studio expected it to be a 100 million dollar box office opening film.   It is hard to say if it will get a second film or not though judging by how quickly the film has faded at the box office compared to other releases that came out in the same month.

Next Week we will see the release of three movies and just by judging from their trailers and how little one of them has been promoted at the theaters and on the television I can tell you how I think the weekend will go.   Up first coming out is Cats and Dogs: The Revenged of Kitty Galore which is the sequel to a mildly medium first film and is also in 3-D. There are a lot of other family films in the theater this week and they will be making the money more than this one will in my opinion.   Also coming out is the movie Charlie St. Cloud which is a romantic drama film that has been promoted zero times on television (unless they are promoting it on Lifetime or a network that I don’t watch).   The movie will make even less money than Cats and Dogs I do believe.   Lastly coming out: Dinner for Schumucks the movie stars Paul Rudd and Steve Carell and looks very funny to the point that I think it will bring in the audience.   Here is how I think the weekend will stack up:

  1. Dinner for Schmucks- 30 to 40 million
  2. Inception- 25 to 30 million  (these two could flip around it is possible)
  3. Despicable Me– 15 to 20 million
  4. Toy Story 3– 9 to 15 million
  5. Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore– 5 to 8 million

Its going to be a slow weekend at the theaters and I do believe that two movies from Steve Carell will manage to be in the top five.  It is also possible that Inception retains its first place spot for a third week in a row.    Let me know what you think:


It’s a Hunting Perserve


Starring: Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, and Laurence Fishburne

Directed by: Nimrod Antal

Back in 1987 the original Predator movie came out with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring as a big man out on a mission seeking to stop a strange alien creature that has hunted him and his whole platoon to death until only he is left alive.  The movie was a really good action film filled to the brim with action and adventure along with some good special effects.  It also launched a series of films and video games along with some decent vs’ movies that were only okay but still interesting in some parts.   Now in 2010 its time for the predators to be reborn and this time its being done correctly not like the aliens vs. predators movies that were released in the 2000’s.   Predators is a direct sequel to the first movie, Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger and doesn’t mention Predator II the Danny Glover film that was decent but nowhere near as good as the original movie.   Predators even refers to the original movie and uses some ideas from it to make this movie a really stand out film in the series that really does help redeem the series and start it off on the right path once again.  From the really good cinematography to the tight story that always keeps things going and the surprises coming the movie really does a great job of putting you not only into the atmosphere of this world but into the action of it as well.

Predators starts out with a man that we do not know the name of landing in a jungle played by Adrien Brody.   What surprises me the most about this movie is that Adrien Brody pulls off his action military mercenary character really well which was my main fear that he wasn’t going to be able to pull off the tough guy role but he did a really good job with it.   The film really gets going quickly here as well, we don’t just sit there and get to know these people who all land in parachutes pretty close to one another, they are constantly moving from one place to another all of them together.    We are quickly introduced to our band of players, there is the doctor Edwin (played by Topher Grace) Isabelle the woman military sniper, Stans a prisoner who is one of the worlds most deadliest killers, Nikolai a military man as well, Hanzo who is a member of the Yokuza, and Cuchillo a mercenary of some kind and Mombasa from somewhere in africa.

We really don’t get to know the characters, just their archetypes for most of them, which is okay by me we don’t need to know a lot about Cuchillo or Hanzo or even Stans we get right off the bat who they are and what they represent.  All of them are killers of some kind though the movie does a really good job of keeping us wondering exactly how Edwin fits in with the others as he is a doctor and that is usually not a profession that we think of as killers.   We learn about his back story at just the right time and I’ll get into that a little later.   The thing about this movie is it’s always moving so even though most of the characters have little back story it’s not important because it’s about what is happening to them now rather than what happened to them before.

We learn quickly that they are on another planet, and that they are being hunted like game.  We get to see former game that has been hunted in fact even other humans that have been hunted.   The humans all band together as they see little or no other choice but to do so.  It is obvious that once they realize they are on another world their only choice is to somehow survive and get off of the world.   It is about here that we get our first glimpses of the Predators themselves though it is only slightly short and then we move on to some strange dogs that attack and help the predators figure out what the weak links are in the group.   This is where Cuchillo gets killed off and we don’t even get to see how he gets killed, this is the first of some mistakes that the film makes.

As always the movie moves on very quickly and this is a good thing but it is also where things start to get a little thrown out the window.  We are introduced quickly to another player the insane Noland who has been on the planet for so long by himself that he has gone crazy.  Noland basically sets everyone up to die so that he can take their stuff and that is when things back fire for him but we also learn a little history from him as well.  Basically there are two types of predators, the weaker smaller ones who are fighting a war with the larger stronger ones who have set up a game preserve on a planet and are hunting people and other creatures from other planets for fun and sport.   This is what is basically been set up about these Predators in the years before through comics and movies and the new movie doesn’t break from the mold.

After Noland is killed things go crazy, Royce (whom we don’t learn the name of until the end of the film and is played by Adrien Brody) decides that the only thing to do is to get off of the planet, and the only way to do that is to steal the ship that the Predators landed on the planet with.   He concocts a plan to free the captured smaller Predator and have him help them escape.  We loose everyone but three people by the time they get close to the camp.  Only Royce, Isabella, and Edwin are left alive, Edwin gets caught in a trap and Isabella stays with him splitting from Royce who goes on his own and frees the captured predator.

The captured predator is actually of the smaller group who are fighting with the bigger ones and also looks just like the one that was in the original Predator movie.   They did a great job when he puts his outfit on showing us this fact, thus we know that neither the first nor the second groups are that much different than one another.   They are both bent on hunting and it is what they do with their lives hunting other species for sport and fighting with one another.    The coolest fights in the entire movie are all three right here together.  The first one involves the Yakuza man Hanzo using a samurai sword to fight with one of the predators to the death.  They both end up killing one another with sword strikes, right behind it two predators fight one another.   The fight is really interesting they fight one another and for a minute there it looks like our hero predator might win but he doesn’t.

We also think that Royce has abandoned the others as the ship that he was supposed to escape on explodes and we learn the truth about Edwin right then and there as well.   He is a serial killer who has killed dozens of people but has never been caught, how the Predator’s knew about him who can say but it is still interesting that he is there and that he is trying to kill Isabella even though they are in a pit trapped and about to be killed by the Predators.   What happens instead is he is used by Royce as bait to try to kill the last of the three predator’s  the final battle between Royce and the predator leader is really good and comes to a final conclusion with the predator being killed in spectacular beheading action.

The film leaves itself open at the end with Royce and Isabella walking into the jungle as more people are crashing to the forest in parachutes trying to find another way off of the planet.  IT is possible that there could be a sequel to Predators and the movie is a really good film.

What they did Right: The action, the characters all of it felt like a Predator movie down to he last moment.  The final fight sequences are all edge of your seat exciting.   There is a lot of Rodriguez in the film even though he did not direct it, you can tell that he had a hand in helping Nimrod or that Nimrod learned a lot from working with Rodriguez in the past.

What they did Wrong: I have to say that the entire Predator thing was not used enough.   We barely see the Predators in the film and never really get a good feel that they are hunting the humans at all besides a few shots here and there.   The surprise is that we learn about two different races of predators but it’s never used too much except to drive the story.    The movie went too long with us thinking it was just a bunch of people trekking through a forest without anything really happening with the predators themselves…perhaps the sequel?

Overall: B

The movie hits the right spots and is a fun ride from beginning to end….but with a name like Predators I was expecting more predator action instead of more human trekking through woods and being hunted by dog like creatures.

One Ugly Mother

Box Office Report for 7/9-7/11

What a weekend with a surprise on top of that.  I usually like being right but this week I will be happy to be wrong because I was also right.  Although I wasn’t fully wrong I came close to what I thought Despicable Me would make, the movie ended up pulling in just a little more than the 60 million that it managed to pull in.   But that’s not what I’m talking what I am talking about is Predators.   The movie pulled in less than I thought it would, but it still managed to finish in the top three even though I thought it would come in fourth.   Now onto the report:

In first place this week was Despicable Me the movie managed to bring in 60.1 million dollars over the weekend which is great news for an animated feature with a small budget.  The movie managed to show that people were ready for another family comedy that the kids could enjoy after having Toy Story 3 out for three weeks.   Despicable Me stars Steve Carell who has yet to not be box office gold in the movies he does.   Recently he was in Date Night which also managed to pull in a lot of money over its run at the theaters.   So Despicable Me will continue that trend.    In second place was Twilight: Eclipse not a real surprise at all considering that this is the big teen movie of the summer, it did drop a huge 48 percent from the week before, but this is understandable when the week before was a four day weekend and it was also released on a Wednesday as well.   The movie is well on its way to a 300 million plus release at the box office and will definitely put the saga in a good place for the last part which is being filmed as two movies.

In at third this week was newcomer Predators with Adrian Brody among others.  The movie has gotten really good word of mouth as being the best movie in the series since the first one with Arnold.   Predators was made relatively cheap as well with a budget of 40 million and I really think it would have made all of that back if it had been released somewhere other than the middle of July.   It managed to pull in 25 million for a third place berth and looks to perhaps retain some of that next weekend though there is tough competition for people’s money then.   In forth came Toy Story 3 which was only down by 27 percent from the week before which means it maintained its audience even though Despicable Me came out.   That brought its weekend total up to 22 million and its box office run is now up to 340 million making it Pixar’s biggest movie released yet.

In fifth falling a full 57 percent from last weekend is the movie with the biggest fall in audience The Last Airbender managed only another 17 million over the three day weekend.  It will make back its entire budget of 150 but that budget probably doesn’t count other costs for the film either, its had to say sometimes with hollywood.   Airbender should have made more money over the weekend but it probably didn’t due to word of mouth from fans of the cartoon series.  Most people who went to see Airbender in the first place were probably fans of the series on Nickelodeon and were disappointed to such a point that they didn’t recommend it and thus it has no one really going to see it.   I doubt a sequel will be greenlit by Paramount and who can really blame them.

Rounding out the top ten we come up with at number six Grown Ups which has pulled in an impressive 111 million over its three weekend run so far, another Adam Sandler movie with a low budget that managed to pull far up beyond that because people like his brand of humor.  In at seven Knight and Day the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie has done okay at the box office considering it came out during a tough time of the summer.  If I was a Fox executive I would have put Knight and Day out sometime in March or April the returns probably would have been better.  As it stands it has barely managed to pull in 60 million.   In at eight was The Karate Kid which has an astounding total of a 165 million now proving that most everyone was wrong about this one, as it turned out to be a really decent re-imagining of the classic.   Ninth place was The A-Team which has managed to pull in 73 million but has no hope of making back its budget by now.   The thing about A-Team wasn’t that it was a bad movie, it was that it wasn’t good enough to draw people into the theater to see it during the same weekend that The Karate Kid came out.   Rounding out the top ten once again was Cyrus a low budget movie that has made most of its budget back.

It was all in all another impressive week at the box office.  All we needed was something to kick start the box office going and we got that with The Karate Kid since then the box office has not been quiet but loud and thunderous with movie after movie making people go into the theaters.

Next Week looks to continue this trend, two movies coming out look to put people in the theaters, one with magic and the other dealing with dreams and the human mind.   Inception the latter not the former, deals with a man who can enter into people’s minds and alter things and stars Leonardo DiCaprio which usually helps put people in the seats.   Inception is also from Christopher Nolan the man behind The Dark Knight and The Prestige both incredible films that did really well at the box office (Dark Knight especially).  Inception might continue this trend, right now its hard to say for sure.   Also coming out is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Nicholas Cage, this one is harder to judge really, the movie looks fantastical and has a lot of really cool special effects in it.  The first early reviews for it have been favorable although not all of them have been great, the movie though could track good just because of who stars in it and who is releasing it.   This is how I think the weekend is going to stack up:

  1. Inception With 60 million (I hope I am right about this but I still get teh feeling i could be wrong.
  2. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- with 50 million
  3. Despicable Me- with 30 to 40 million
  4. Twilight: Eclipse- with 20 to 30 million
  5. Predators – with 15 to 20 million.

Let me know who you think will finish at number 1 in this handy pole!

Coming later this week: The August Movie Previews!

Trailer Previews

Some new Trailers hit this week for movies and I’ve got to get you all caught up on them along with my thoughts, its been crazy at work so I couldn’t just post these as I learned about them.   Instead here we are, the trailers of the week.

Little Fockers

We get our first trailer for the sequel to Meet the Fockers which was in turn a sequel to Meet the Parents .  Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson, Blythe Danner, and even Barbra Streisand are all making come backs for the sequel movie.    The first two movies were funny throw aways I thought, easy movie to watch because they were semi-funny and had some really good actors portraying the characters.  I still like the first one more than the second one which I can say a lot about a lot of Ben Stiller’s movies.  The movie looks promising though I’m not going to hold my breath on it being fun other than the few gags here and there.

The trailer is only posted over at Apple right now but finally we know what the movie is about:

The test of wills between Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) and Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) escalates to new heights of comedy in the third installment of the blockbuster series—Little Fockers. Laura Dern, Jessica Alba and Harvey Keitel join the returning all-star cast for a new chapter of the worldwide hit franchise. It has taken 10 years, two little Fockers with wife Pam (Polo) and countless hurdles for Greg to finally get “in” with his tightly wound father-in-law, Jack. After the cash-strapped dad takes a job moonlighting for a drug company, however, Jack’s suspicions about his favorite male nurse come roaring back. When Greg and Pam’s entire clan—including Pam’s lovelorn ex, Kevin (Owen Wilson)—descends for the twins’ birthday party, Greg must prove to the skeptical Jack that he’s fully capable as the man of the house. But with all the misunderstandings, spying and covert missions, will Greg pass Jack’s final test and become the family’s next patriarch…or will the circle of trust be broken for good?

Here is the trailer over at Apple:  Little Fockers Trailer


In Hollywood it is all the rage to adapt comic books now and this one continues that trend.  Red is the story of a group of ex-CIA agents who uncover a deadly secret that the government is trying to hide.  The agents then become wanted criminals who have to be hunted down.  The real twist is that they are all older retired agents who still know how to kick ass and take names.    The movie stars Bruce Willis (who is taking a lot of different roles lately), Helen Mirren (who looks badass with a gun in one sequence during the trailer) Mary Louise-Parker, John Malkovich, and Morgan Freeman.

Synopsis: A former black-ops CIA agent’s quiet life in retirement is disrupted when a high-tech assassin shows up intent on killing him. With his secret identity compromised and his love interest in danger, the man must reassemble his old team to figure out who is out to get them.
A new international trailer has been released for the upcoming movie Predators which deals with a group of humans who are dropped on a planet somewhere to be hunted by the creatures known as the Predators to us who want nothing more than to hunt humans down as if we are game.   The movie has a similar vibe and feel as the Aliens Vs. Predators films to me so far, but word is out on the street that the trailers only show half of what really is going on in the movie, there is more out there, things that we haven’t seen yet that will take place and change the game dramatically.
I am a big fan of the Predator movies and  this one looks interesting to me because it goes back to what was so good about the first two movies and does away with the whole Aliens Vs Predators thing which was only okay and not great.
Here is a plot Summary:
The film stars Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors who come to realize they’ve been brought together on an alien planet… as prey. With the exception of a disgraced physician, they are all cold-blooded killers – mercenaries, Yakuza, convicts, death squad members – human “predators” that are now being systemically hunted and eliminated by a new breed of alien Predators.
And the international Trailer:
The Green Hornet
The Seth Rogen movie The Green Hornet finally gets its first trailer.  The movie stars Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet and Jay Chou as his sidekick Kato, who is really the brains behind the operation, you will agree with me after seeing the trailer.   It also stars Carmen Diaz and Edward James Olmos to name a few of the actors that are in the film.    After his father dies and Britt Reid inherits his father’s company and money he decides to take crime fighting into his own hands along with his buddy Kato.    The movie has potential from watching the trailer, but I am also a little worried that this might end up being another Phantom or Ghostrider.
The official plot if you want to know:
Britt Reid, a bored playboy, inherits his father’s crusading newspaper, the Daily Sentinel. By night he is a masked hero, fighting crime with his sidekick Kato, who has incredible martial-arts skills.
The Trailer:
That’s it this week, if any new cool trailers leak during next week I will be back!

Movie Release Previews for July 2010

June 21, 2010 2 comments

With July quickly approaching I feel its time to put out my previews for July and estimates for how films are going to do in July.   The month of July has a lot of interesting things going on, with the release of many films that look like they could make a lot of money all competing with one another for box office gold in the month of July.

Weekend of July 2-4

The Last AirbenderReleases on July 1 the weekend of the fourth.

To me this movie is a do or die for M. Night Shyamalan time.   The Last Airbender is his directed movie but for the first time it’s based on a property that is not his own.  Although he wrote the script it was really based upon a story that is already established.   The Last Airbender was a huge successful cartoon franchise for Nickelodeon and they are betting on this movie being big as well.   The Last Airbender is the story of a young boy named Aang who is the last of the Airbenders, a clan of magic users in an alternate world that can use magic.  The Airbenders are all dead besides Aang who also has the distinction of being an Avatar one that can use all of the elements not just air.  This tells the story of the corrupt Fire Nation who will do whatever it takes to stop Aang from becoming the destined one.

Starring: Jason Rathorne, Nicola Peltz, Dev Patel, and Noah Ringer

Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan

Opening Weekend Box Office versus the competition: This is a hard one to judge, coming out right after Twilight: Eclipse is going to be a hard sell for a lot of people, though I do think that more guys will be interested in this movie over the Twilight film at least part of the audience that would go see this movie during opening weekend usually will be seeing Twilight instead.    I think the movie has a good shot at pulling in 40 million since I know its going to be a big weekend divided between those that want to see Twilight and those that want to see Airbender.  They are two different audiences but a lot of wives and girlfriends who don’t want to see airbender but their boyfriends/husbands do will be drawing their boyfriends/husbands to twilight instead as a “date” film.

Gross for the weekend: It’s a four-day weekend for the movie instead of a three-day weekend so I am putting it at northward between 40 and 50 million.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse-Releases June 30th of 4th of July weekend

This is the big one for July as far as I can determine.   I am not a huge fan of the Twilight movies although I have watched the first two on DVD and they are not horrible.   Twilight tells the story of Bella Swan who is in love with a vampire named Edward.   The first movie was a fun little vampire film even if it did step on a lot of the traditions of what a vampire was.   I can see the appeal for young women, it is full of dreamy men and romance is every step of the way along with some really decent action sequences.   The first two movies moved quickly and always kept things interesting, so far it looks like this one will continue that tradition.   The movie is the one before the finale film in the saga so it has to build up a lot towards that end.   SO far Summit has been smart about when they release these films, and how quickly they are putting them out as well before the vampire craze once more dies down.

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Bryce Dallas Howard

Directed by: David Slade

Opening Weekend Box Office Competition: Lets be honest here for a minute, Twilight is a huge series on the same scale as Harry Potter, it is going to dominate the weekend that it is released simply because it is Twilight.   There are a lot of women and young girls who will want to see this movie opening weekend and you can bet they will be dragging their boyfriend/husband along with them to see it instead of letting them go see the other wide release this week: The Last Airbender.   So I am guessing that this movie will finish the weekend high and in first place.

Weekend Gross: Northward of 70 million, perhaps closer t 100 million if Last Airbender does not hold up at all at the box office.

Weekend of July 9-11

Despicable Me-Releases July 9th nationwide

Steve Carell is a funny man, and he is also really good in movies such as this.   In Dispicible Me Carell plays Gru an evil villian that wants to do nothing more than dominate the world, yet there is someone even more evil than he is, Dr. Nefario and Gru wants to do nothing more than prove that he is the world’s number one Super Villain . The only thing standing in his way is a trio of orphan girls who want nothing more than for him to change his ways.   When I first saw the trailers for this movie I thought it was going to be a film about two super villains facing off against one another, then I saw the second trailer and learned what it’s really about.    Despicable Me tells the story of Gru who is a villain but also of the orphans who change his life and help him see the world in a different light.   It’s a family film for sure and it looks interesting, but its hard to say if it will make money or not.

Starring: Russell Brand, Jason Segel, Steve Carell, and Will Arnett

Directed by: Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud

Opening Weekend Box Office Draw: Hard to say, there is no huge family film releasing this week or the weeks before it, so this one has a chance of drawing family’s to the box office.  At the same time it is releasing against an action movie (Predators) as well that might help families steer more towards this film instead of the other.      The movie has a few things going for it in this regard.   By the time that Despicable Me comes out Toy Story 3 will be a distant memory of a movie already out for three weeks at the box office and there are no real family films releasing between the two (Grown Ups is debatable on how much family appeal it has).  I am thinking that this movie will draw in the family crowd while its counterpart will draw in those looking for an action film.

Weekend Gross: 40 to 60 million if families are still interested in seeing another animated film this summer.

Predators-Releases July 9th nationwide

In 1987 a movie was released that help redefine alien horror films just as the first Alien movie did years before.  That movie was Predator and it stared Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role as a bad ass military man who has to take down an alien hunter from another world that came to be called a Predator.   Years later after a second movie and two attempts at Predator Vs. Aliens that were less than stellar we are finally getting a sequel to Predator or rather a prequel.   The movie is called Predators and its about a group of humans who wake up dumped on a planet that is a hunting ground for these predators.   The movie is being produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal.    The trailers have all made the film look really interesting and a lot of fun as well, but it’s really hard to tell how people will receive the film.  To me it looks like a fun action film that I will be seeing when it comes out.

Starring: Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo, and Laurence Fishburne

Directed by: Nimrod Antal

Opening Weekend Box Office Draw: Predators is the only real action movie that is coming out this late into the summer, by this time The A-Team will be a distant memory to people who want to see an action film and this one is coming out at the perfect time when there is no real competition.  In fact this movie is perfectly coming out right when it should.   There are a lot of people who will go see it just because it is a new Predator movie.    That being said if the early screenings and early reviews are not good we might not get a lot of people going out to see this one.

Opening Weekend Gross: 20 to 30 million maybe more if people are in the mood for action.

Weekend of July 16th-18th

Inception-releasing the 16th nationwide

The last time that Christopher Nolan put out a non-batman movie in-between batman movies it did really well at the box office and was also one of the best films of that year (The Prestige).   This year he comes at us with Inception a movie about dreams, and a man who can hijack people’s dreams and find out secrets about them.  This is of course just the premise behind the story, I am sure that there is a lot more going on as there always is in a Nolan film.   The movie has a wonderful style to it, I enjoy looking at the cinematography and the real out there plot helps sell the movie for me, but I don’t see it as a box office draw as most people do not know what to think about it.

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, and Cillian Murphy

Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Opening Weekend Box Office Draw: Hard to say this movie is more different from any other film being released this summer.  The movie is from Nolan and it does start Leonardo DiCaprio two reasons right there to draw men and women both into the seats.  At the same time it also looks so far out there that it might turn some of those people off on the film who would otherwise have gone to see it.  I don’t see it drawing many people who don’t like Nolan or Leo and I also don’t see some of the fans of either going to see this movie just because it is so far out there.   I am putting it at the lower end of the box office for its opening weekend.   But if it is a good as it looks it will draw a buzz over the coming weeks and build momentum into a success.

Opening Weekend Gross: 30 to 40  million if the stars align correctly and everyone wants to see Leo in a strange film that is not his usual kind of a film.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice-Opening July 16th nationwide

I am all for crazy over the top action movies that make little sense but are fun to watch while in the theater or at home just to watch not to actually get any cinematic value from.   That is what this release from Jon Turtlertaub and Bruckhiemer films looks like to me.  The movie is about a young man named Dave (played by Jay Baruchel) who it turns out can use magic and has to become an apprentice to a crazy sorcerer named Balthazar Blake (Nicholas Cage) to save the world from blah blah blah.   Lets face facts  no one is going to see this movie for the plot…they are going to see it for the crazy action sequences, the cars jumping through glass, the huge ass dragons rampaging the cities.    This is the kind of movie that Turtletaub excels at and it is the kind of film that Nicholas Cage likes to do…I mean after all this is the guy who did GhostRider.

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Monica Bellucci, and Alfred Molina

Directed By:  Jon Turtletaub

Opening Weekend Box Office Draw: Harder even to say on this one than Inception.   The movie does look like a fun Disney family action film much like the huge box office National Treasure movies which were directed by Turtletaub and also starred Cage.   The movie has really high quality special effects and it might be exactly what people need by this time of the year.  There are very few options for wizards and sorcery during the summer so this movie could end up being a draw of sorts for those that are looking for a similar movie to Harry Potter or even just a pure over the top adventure film.

Opening Weekend Gross: probably around 20 million if I had to guess what this movie is going to draw, though I could be south of the real number once the film arrives.

Weekend of July 23-25th

Romona and Beeezus-Opening July 23 Nationwide

The story of Ramona comes from the series of Beverly Clearly novels that many girls read as kids.  This family film is more aimed at young girls than it is at young boys, and perhaps their adult moms who remember reading Beverly Clearly when they were kids as well.  The trailers really paint a funny movie as far as I can tell, I enjoy these kinds of films because they remind me of what it was like being a kid and seeing the world around us in the way that kids see it and that we as adults forget to see it.  Ramona is really well cast being played by a newcomer named Joey King who seems to come off cute and warm all at once, and the big draw for the teenage girl crowed is her co-star Selena Gomez playing Ramona’s big sister.

Starring: Joey King, Selena Gomez, and Sandra Oh

Directed by: Elizabeth Allen

Opening Weekend Box Office Draw: Another family film in a summer filled with family films, it is coming out at the end of July and it does have potential to draw in one specific crowd.   It also helps that the weekend before has a two movies coming out that are nothing like this simple family comedy and also there is no real competition as the other movie releasing this week is the Angelina Jolie action film Salt.    The movie seems like a simple draw, not one that will make huge amounts of money but it will be interesting for the young girls that like these kinds of movies and those that like Selena Gomez as well.   The rest of us will pass on it or wait till it comes out on DVD.

Opening Weekend Gross: 20 to 30 million perhaps less, hard to tell till we get closer to release date, but I will stay by these numbers till then.

Salt-Opening July 23rd nationwide

This summer Angelina Jolie is back in theaters doing what she always does really well Action films.   I love Jolie because she is female, hot, and good at action and drama films.   This time she takes on the story of Evelyn Salt an FBI agent who is accused of being a Russian Spy who will assassinate the president if she’s not taken down.   Rather or not she is a spy is what Salt is all about, how she will go about proving that she isn’t a double agent working for the Russians.   The movie looks like it has some really good action sequences and on top of that some really dramatic moments as well.   There is also no doubt that Jolie just by herself will help draw in people to see the movie, because she always does really interesting projects just like her husband.

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, and Zoe Lister Jones

Directed by: Phillip Noyce

Opening Weekend Box Office Draw: Angelina Jolie is a box office draw for both men and women.  Unlike Megan Fox whose talent is questionable Jolie is very talented and people like watching her on the screen.   She also usually takes roles that are deep and complex within stories that not only do really good action but also really good drama.   Salt is very similar to another release of hers, Mr. and Mrs. Smith but different as well, its hard to say how they movie will do.

Opening Weekend Gross: 40 to 50 million for the weekend.

Weekend of July 30-August 1

Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore-Opening July 30th nationwide

For the final weekend of July there are three movies coming out that all will probably not draw anyone to the box office, besides kids who like movies with talking animals, romance drama, or comedy.    Cats and Dogs the first of these three films is a sequel to the original of the same name but without the subtitle.    The first Cats and Dogs was horrible, something that only young kids who have never been exposed to really great kid movies really enjoyed, and the adults surely did not, this one looks no better.   It’s hard to say why anyone in Hollywood decided to greenlight this movie other than the first one made money.  I am not betting on this one at all as there are better kid movie choices out there this week already.

Starring: Christina Applegate, Michael Clark Duncan, Neil Patrick Harris, and Fred Armisen

Directed by: Brad Peyton

Opening weekend Box Office Draw: It will draw in kids, no doubt about it, rather or not their parents want to sit through another film this summer with talking animals is beyond me.   I am sure that some will and some parents will take their kids to see it as well.  The thing about Cats and Dogs is that the movies are boring and simple but a lot of kids like these kinds of films as they are not too long and they have lots of things happening the entire movie….just don’t take nay kids below six to see it in 3-D.

Opening Weekend Gross: 20 million or so.  I will be surprised if it does more.

Charlie St. CloudOpening July 30th nationwide

Charlie St. Cloud is the new Zac Efron romantic drama movie about a young brother who’s younger brother dies and he has a special tie with that is all changed when he meets the woman of his dream.  Basically its a love story with some super natural elements to it and a weak plot that is held together by these elements and the fact that it stars Zac Efron whom has become a sort of sex symbol for some reason beyond me.   The movie’s trailers are really simple and the film does not look like it will draw in anyone but women and teenage girls who want to cry over a sad story about a boy who can’t move forward in his life because his brother died.

Starring: Zac Efron, Amanda Crew, Ray Liotta, and Kim Bassinger

Directed by: Burr Steers

Opening Box Office Draw: I am putting this one at low, except I know that I lot of women will want to go see it because its romantic and dramatic all in one.   They will of course drag their husbands/boyfriends with them and they will end up liking it though they won’t admit it.   The movie does not look terrible, in fact I am sure that it is worth at least a rental, but it’s not the kind of movie that draws audiences to the theaters.

Opening Weekend Gross: 30 to 40 million due to the fact that there are so few romantic dramas out there and it is opening on a slow weekend.

Dinner for Schmucks-Opening July 30th nationwide

Its been a few weeks since a real comedy came out and this looks like the perfect time for another one to make its way to theaters, this time its a movie with Paul Rudd and Steve Carell about Tim who brings an IRS agent named Barry to a work party because they are having a contest at his work to bring the perfect funny and dumbest guest to the party.   Barry is pretty much that guy perfectly but the film has more going for it than that, its directed by Jay Roach and has a lot of other stars that are really funny as well.   The story is also deeper as Tim begins to realize that he really likes Barry and things go crazy from there.  It looks funny and I love Carell so this is one that I will be seeing in theaters.

Starring: Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, Zach Galifianakis, and Stephanie Szostak

Directed by: Jay Roach

Opening Box Office Draw: Not too big, perhaps around the same draw that Charlie St. Cloud will be doing, the movie is the exact opposite, a real comedy when its been so long since one came out so this one has a good shot of making it.   The movie looks fun and it also looks like it has real heart.   It’s hard to tell with comedies though, sometimes they surprise you and are huge hits and other times they are miss-marketed and never make any money despite being really funny.

Opening Weekend Gross:  30 to 40 million, its not going to do a lot, but it will do enough because of who is staring in the film.

There you have it the month of July is going to be interesting and full of a lot of hits and misses that will either help the summer box office or hurt it.   There are some that might do better than I think they will and some that might do worse, this just a guess, and I just like discussing the movies that are coming out so I post about them.  I’ll be back around the middle of July to give you my run down on August’s movies.