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Trailers of the Week

Most of the trailers this week come hot off the heels of Comic-Con where a lot of new trailers were revealed for people to enjoy and to start the hype for movies coming out next year.    This year’s Comic-Con was less about comics and more about movies and games which isn’t a bad thing really…but isn’t a good thing either for comics which didn’t seem to have their game faces on at the con this year.

Sucker Punch

I will be honest I hadn’t heard a single thing about this new movie from Zack Synder (Watchmen, 300) which is about a young woman who is trapped in a life that she doesn’t want to be in and can enter a dream world where things are not the same as they are in the real world, but when the two get twisted things happen and the consequences are not what you expect.   The movie’s first trailer looks impressive and looks like its got lots of ambiance and set pieces as well…what you would expect from the guy who brought us 300 and Watchmen.


Coming from Scott Stewart (Legion) is the action/thriller movie about a Priest in the far future after a war has ravaged the planet between vampires and humans for centuries who is hunting the vampires that kidnapped his niece.   The movie looks very stylish with a lot of great action sequences, not too surprising it also looks far more low-budget than other movies coming out next summer as it is made with the same kind of budget that was given for Legion Scott Stewart’s previous movie which was decent but not great.   It even stars the same actor: Paul Bettany (not that it’s a bad thing).  The movie looks decent but I don’t know how many people its going to attract.

Let Me In

One of the most promising remakes I have seen in a long time of a foreign film (probably since the first Ring movie) is coming out in October, it’s called Let Me In and is a remake of Let the Right One In which was based on a novel.  The original movie was fantastic with a dark undertone regarding vampires and mature themes about alienation and also being a young kid from a rather not well off family among other social issues.   The americanized remake is being directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) and I think looks as equally impressive and also stars Chloe Moretz who has jumped up in fame since her part in Kick-Ass.   This is one I will be going to see when it comes out.

That’s it for this week….I wanted to post the Thor video for the trailer which was really cool looking but it’s already been pulled from everywhere and probably won’t be posted back up for a while until Marvel decides they want to release it probably.   Same goes for Green Lantern footage shown at Comic-Con.    So I’ll be back monday with the box office report and next week with more trailers plus perhaps a movie review!