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Trailers of the Week

It’s comic-con this weekend and that means new movie trailers!  This week also starts a new feature for me on Friday’s, Trailers of the Week where I will be posting trailers for movies that look interesting.

Tron: Legacy-releases in December.

Its been forever since the rumors started flying that Disney was going to be making an updated sequel to the great classic film Tron, what we were expecting was of course that they would remake the movie instead of give us a real sequel.   In the end we got a sequel, with Jeff Bridges starring in it as well.  The movie looks slick and full of great action pieces.   It also appears in this trailer as if they are finally starting to show a little bit more  of the plot though lets all face it…Tron has always been about the visuals and crazy action more than the plot.


In the movie Buried, Ryan Reynolds plays a man who is buried alive in a box and he has only a  cellphone and nothing else.   He’s going to die while buried alive and doesn’t believe that he is going to be saved.   The entire movie takes place with Ryan Reynolds in that box buried alive, it will be interesting to see if this movie can actually keep people entertained for an hour and a half or so, or if it will be one of those films that people are too scared to go see because they are afraid that it might not be interesting enough.  I think the movie sounds original and everyone that has seen it has said that it is a wonderfully deep and disturbing film.

Saw VII: Saw 3-D

The final movie in the Saw franchise is soon to be upon us.   In the final movie they are supposedly closing out all of the loose ends, tying up the entire storyline from the first six movies and are going to explain everything that we have been wondering about.  Hopefully they can actually close out the series in a decent way with a final show down full of interesting traps and maybe they really will come alive…yeah I doubt that…hey at least the dropped the whole The Traps Come Alive subtitle to the movie.

I’ll be back next week with more interesting trailers if any show up!